Ashley's Update 04.05.21

Agency Showcase: Logan County Cancer Society
This week, our partner agency highlight is the Logan County Cancer Society. Jane Younkman and the Care Coordination crew at Mary Rutan work hard to make sure they can help alleviate the burden of cancer as much as they can. Check out this video to learn more:
Program Preview: Adriel
Down in the southern part of Logan County lies Adriel, up on a hill in West Liberty. Adriel is a foster care and adoption agency, and helps those interested to become foster parents. They provide training, support, and professional services to help facilitate the foster and adoptive processes. If you have any questions about Adriel, foster care, or adoption, let me know!

Learn more at their website:
Update on the CDC's Moratorium on Evictions
Last week, we talked about housing. Something that also happened last week was that the CDC extended the moratorium on rental evictions until June 30, 2021.
Renters, the CDC moratorium does not mean you do not have to pay your rent!! As a renter, to be covered by the moratorium, you have to sign a declaration stating that you are unable to pay your rent, and if you are evicted it will cause you to be homeless or have to live in close proximity to others. YOU CAN STILL BE EVICTED IF YOU DO NOT FILL OUT THIS PAPERWORK!! If you have fallen behind on rent, let's talk. There are so many ways to get you caught back up; there is no reason to stay in a hole.
Mental Health: Reducing Stress
Learning how to deal with stress. This is something we all do a little differently. Maybe it's peaceful meditation. Maybe it's going for a run. Like it or not, stress is a part of life. Practice good coping skills: do Tai Chi, exercise, take a nature walk, play with your pet or try journal writing as a stress reducer. Also, remember to smile and see the humor in life. Research shows that laughter can boost your immune system, ease pain, relax your body and reduce stress.
Time to Revisit Your Budget
We've talked about budgeting a few times now, and if you've started one, I hope it's going well!! Most months, your budget it probably pretty similar. However, there are times that you need to re-evaluate and revise your budget. Here are some of those times:

1. When you get a raise
2. When buying a house, account for the change in housing expense
3. Getting married or moving in together.
4. Having a baby
5. If you lose your job
6. When you pay down debt
7. Moving to a new place (if the cost of living is different)
8. Recovering from a financial emergency (time to replenish that rainy day fund!)

If you are interested in starting a budget or revamping one, let me know how I can help!
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