The New England Bladesmith Guild and The Ashokan Center
invite you to a very special event!   
Thirty-third Annual Ashokan Seminar: September 12-14, 2014
Once again, the New England Bladesmith Guild presents a line-up of some of the best custom knife-makers in the nation. This year's demonstrator list include many of your favorites, and as always, some new talent with new ideas and new techniques  to share.  Register early for this opportunity to see all aspects of knife-making, from the smelting of the steel to sharpening the finished blade! 
Board Dagger by Kevin Cashen
Board Dagger by Kevin Cashen 
For more details about this event visit the New England Bladesmith Guild website.
From Ore to Blade:
New England Bladesmith Guild Annual Ashokan Seminar

 Workshop Topics Include: 


Iron Ore Smelter Construction  

Steel Smelt  

Blade Forging
Damascus Construction Damascus Welding 

Knife Grinding and Finishing  

Machining  Techniques

Heat Treatment

Making Mokume  

Knife and Razor Sharpening 
Business Practices

Knife Show Sunday! 
Lion pattern damascus blades by Delbert Ealy.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to see and work with world-class artisans of  custom-made blades. Put your new-found knowledge to work at open forge times.
Mokume rings by Delbert Ealy 

September 12-14
Ashokan Center  
Olivebridge, NY 
New to blacksmithing or just curious? A special area and time will be reserved to learn and practice fire tending and basic forging skills. Tools and equipment are provided and available for purchase on site. Student discounts and parent/child scholarships are available.

Pouring off slag from a Zeb Deming smelt demonstration

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