Ashtakavarga Workshop on October 27 in
New York City and Webinar
Intermediate/Advanced Jyotisa 
Ashtakavarga and Case Studies. 

Saturday October 27, 2018. 10:00-5:00 PM 
Upper West side in New York City and simultaneous webinar
Fee: $75 Early Bird till 11:59 pm on October 1st. 
$85 through October 25th
After that $90. 

This series is meant for people who have the basics down: planets, signs, houses, aspects, nakshatras, dashas and divisionals. It is for those who have been in my intermediate class or you can do as a stand-alone workshop. You can even come if you are a beginner though I am not going to explain beginning concepts. I will be doing a new beginning series of Jyotisa in January, and more electives like Muhurta, Varshaphal, Sanskrit for astrologers, etc., so stay on the mailing list and you will receive information. Also please contact me if you would like specific tutoring to prepare you to test for ACVA Certification.

In this workshop we will add Ashtakavarga to our tool box. This is a great system that can further delineate why certain transits are not as bad as they seem and vice versa, since every planet contributes a certain number of bindus or points to each house. It can also tell you in interpretation why certain houses may be stronger or weaker than you would suspect. After we will use all the tools covered thus far to actually look at many charts, both celebrities and from personal files, to apply in practice what we have learned.
 Since this a webinar as well, you can attend wherever you are, and if you cannot be present, or can only do part of the workshop, you will receive the audio visual presentation, audio MP3, and handouts by Monday October 29th. 

Fee: $75 through October 1st.


  Fee: $85. F rom October 2nd through October 25th. 

After October 25th it wil be $90.