Who is Imam Hussein (as)? 
The event of Karbala marks the greatest sacrifice for the sake of God in the human history. The minute and stunning details of this great event have been written and survived from the very first day by the eye witnesses. For the last fourteen hundred centuries, the battle of Karbala reflects the collision of the good versus the evil, the virtuous versus the wicked, right versus the wrong, and the collision of Imam Husain (the head of virtue) versus Yazid (the head of impiety).
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"My faith is that the progress of Islam does not depend on the use of sword by its believers, but the result of the supreme sacrifice of Hussain (A), the great saint. I learned from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed."  - Mahatma Gandhi

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Ashura Program 2011
Beginning this Saturday, Nov. 26th
7:45pm Nightly
FeaturingIn English: 
Sheikh Nami Farhat al-ʿAmeli
The Sheikh was born in Sydney Australia and studied at the Hawzah of Qum and the Hawzah of Bint Jbeil in South Lebanon. 
He also studied Political Science at the Lebanese University in Beirut.
In pursuing his aim for spreading Islamic knowledge, he taught Islamic studies at several schools and institutions in Lebanon and Australia. 
The Sheikh has one published book under the title of "Youth and Islam" and is in the process of publishing three others.

In Arabic: Sayed Najjah Al-Husseini
Followed with Latmiyeh

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