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Sweet, sweet Pear
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Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Our annual Asian Pear harvest begins early September!  Excited and can't wait to order? Just let us know you'd like to make a reservation! Call 610.282.7588 or email
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                                                                               August 2013

Asian Pear Blossom Honey returns.


asian pear blossom honey

Since the Spring, our bees have been busy producing honey drawn from our Asian Pear blossoms. 


After much anticipation,  our latest vintage of honey is now available for purchase.   Enjoy the deep, rich flavors of this amber-hued honey.  Visit our website to order Asian Pear Honey.  

Surprise Inside.

asaju pear bagged

Each year, like you, we eagerly await the beginning of our harvest.   Like a wrapped gift,  harvest always has that added element of surprise for us. Months earlier, our first pears of the season (the yellow Asaju) were 'gift wrapped' as they swayed from the trees' branches.   


In orchard jargon we call this "bagging."   By enveloping each and every Asaju in a special wax-lined bag, we help this patented pear to grow the most delicate, thin skin and juicy flavors.   


As the summer months pass, the bags swell as the pears develop within. We will enjoy picking all these wrapped presents from the trees in the coming weeks so you may enjoy the sweet gift inside! Visit our website to order Asaju.


Sweet, sweet pear.

asian pear bark

Just as we start hand-picking our yellow Asaju Asian Pear,  we look ahead to the phases of picking our other varieties of Asian Pears. Presently, our other varieties are just starting to turn from green, summery shades into the golden colors of Autumn.  


As they ripen their distinctively sweet, crisp flavors develop.  Notably, with all the rain we've enjoyed this Summer, our pears' sizes are developing into hearty dimensions.


To order our patented varieties or our traditional varieties of our Asian Pears....


Pear Samplings.

artisan cheese & pear event

What is a delicious way to discover which of our Asian Pear varieties is your favorite?  Visit us during the many events planned throughout the Fall season.  


In early September you can sample fresh Asaju, our yellow pear, at select Pennsylvania Wegmans as part of our support for the Lehigh Valley Women's 5K Classic - Run for the Cure which takes place in October. Or visit us in State College at the WPSU Food & Wine Festival in late September as well as other events scheduled elsewhere including DC and NJ.


And of course, our annual celebration with the Berks County Wine Trail's Artisan Cheese and Wine Pairing Event weekend in early October is a wonderful chance to taste 8 different varieties of our Asian Pears 'peared' with locally crafted cheeses and fantastic wines from our fellow Pennsylvania wine producers.  Tickets on sale now!


pecan pears       

Pear Pecan Palmier 


A fantastic dessert certain to delight and impress your guests, is incredibly easy to prepare using crunchy pecans and our Asian Pear Spread.   Chef Lesle, inspired by the Washington Post article featuring our spread, sweetly created this clever and unique confection.  


Click here to download this delicious recipe.   To purchase our Asian Pear Spread online, click here.






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