Pear Preparation
Secret Beauty

Welcome to our newsletter. As we patiently await countdown to harvest, we think about all the unique flavors Mother Nature will be bringing to our fruit this season. Each harvest, our Asian Pears bear flavor nuances unique to each growing year. Discover the amazing flavors of these wonderful fruits this Fall!

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August 2014



Pear Preparation.

Asian Pears in August
In a matter of weeks we'll be picking the first of our fresh Asian Pears for the 2014 harvest season.


How do Asian Pears ready themselves as they hit their final phase of growth? Color development as well as swelling into that tell-tale, grande size. Most importantly, the final touches of the distinctive flavors that defines Asian Pears evolve. 


We look forward to sharing the amazing flavors of our fruit this Fall. Flavors reminiscent of honeysuckle, melon, starfruit, apricot, butterscotch and citrus.


Secret Beauty.

Asaju_Trees_baggedOur first variety of Asian Pear to be picked early September will be our own patented variety: Asaju.


This yellow pear is grown in a wax-lined paper bag. These bags cause each pear to grow a most delicate, crisp, paper-thin skin...adding to the experience of enjoying this particular Asian Pear variety.


Each of our Asaju trees is filled with bagged fruit hanging from their limbs. We like to think of each as a surprise gift from our trees to you.


To order Asjau variety Asian Pear when our harvest begins, click here.  Or if you'd like to place an order reservation, please email us.


Asaju, is particularly amazing when sliced and lightly wrapped with prosciutto!


 Fresh Asian Pears on Tree      

Sorbet & Subarashii


During the warm days of late Summer/early Fall, what better way to enjoy our fresh Asian Pears than in a sorbet. Tammy, one of our readers, sent us this delicious dessert recipe from Countryliving. As we often enjoy our fruit with herbs such as thyme, we wished to share this with dish you. Enjoy.


Click here to view this recipe. To order our fresh Asian Pears, click here




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