November 2022
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Stop Wishing, Start Including Print; Just ask Amazon
Imagine my excitement when I received my 2022 Amazon Toy Book in the mail! Not only did I look at it for holiday gift ideas, but I love seeing how Amazon believes in and utilizes print. That speaks volumes.
And what it speaks to is multi-channel marketing. Multi-channel marketing combines a variety of methods to reinforce your message and reach your target market. One marketing method alone may not be enough since people utilize many different channels. Multi-channel Marketing exposes your product/service to a wide range of buyers, multiple times, in multiple arenas, and repetition works!

Print is a major player in multi-channel marketing, whether it be distributed via direct mail or used as 'take aways' (displays free for the taking), 'leave behinds' as a remembrance after a meeting, or a flyer/coupon included with your purchase, Etc. Printed pieces are tactile, recyclable, with a longer life span, and a reinforcement of credibility. They can feature special effects (shiny foils, creative die-cuts, and custom finishes) to further entice your clients. Print can also direct your readers to your website, especially if you include your QR code.

As for direct mail, these statistics speak for themselves:
•   63% of Gen Zs, 72% of Millennials, and 81% of Millennial parents engage with direct mail. (Source: Vericast 2021 Consumer Intel Report)
•   Businesses that opt to use direct mail and digital ads together lead to a 28% increase in conversion rates and a 450% increase in response rates. (Source: Writers Block Live)
•   72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses with multichannel marketing. (Source: The Gurucoach 2022 Multichannel Marketing Statistics Report)
•   Companies that use multichannel marketing experience 3X higher effectiveness rate than those that do not. (Source: Invesp)

So, when you're planning your marketing strategy for 2023, remember, casting a wider net like Amazon does, results in more fish…and one of the best methods, which has proven to be successful, is a multi-channel marketing plan that includes print media.
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