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January News + Reviews
Volume 5 Issue 1
Ask An ASID Designer |
Novi Home Show

A SID Michigan will once again host the ever-popular "Ask A Designer" booth at the Novi Home Show at the Suburban Collection Showplace from January 29th - 31st, 2016. The ASID booth will feature free mini-consultations with consumers, have platforms to educate the public about our professional organization, and demonstrate good design through four lifestyle vignettes. A special thanks goes out to ASID member Linda Shears and Sherwin Williams Rep. Rebecca Luckhardt for all their help with this event!

We are in need of membership volunteers (professional, allied and student) to help with this great event! Give back to the design profession today:

The ASID booth at the 2014 Home Show.

ASID Michigan Presents:
The 2016 Spring Fling

Save the date for the ASID Michigan Annual Spring Fling! This year's spectacular masquerade event will be hosted by Art Leaders Gallery in West Bloomfield and promises to be a great time for all attendees! Details will be forthcoming over the next few months. Please stay tuned!

Tina Rossi | Member at-large

The annual spring fling will be in April and here before we know it! This year will have a masquerade theme for the party. Here is where you come in...We are looking for some of the most creative designers to embellish a blank mask. These masks will be auctioned off at the spring fling with recognition given to the designer who created it. We expect these masks to be extraordinary! If you would like to participate, please contact me; Tina Rossi. [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.
Cynthia Hahn | President-elect

Each day we use our voices and visions to reshape spaces--and the lives of those occupying them--for the better. With those same voices working in unison, we have the power to design a better future for ourselves and our entire profession.  

To do that, every interior designer, soft or loud spoken, must speak up about the issues that affect their ability to practice interior design. 

From small business owners to large firms, residential and commercial, the future of our profession will be heavily influenced by government decisions. Right now, elected officials are having conversations on issues that affect your lives and careers.

That's why it's our pleasure to announce that ASID Michigan is one of the first state chapters establishing the One Voice program! One Voice is every interior designer's platform - residential, commercial, or Industry Partner, ASID member or non-ASID member - to be heard by their elected officials from Michigan all the way to Washington, D.C.

No matter your age or where you are in your career, your voice matters. Let One Voice be your microphone to speak out on the issues that affect you as an interior designer. It is the avenue by which we act and move our elected officials to understand what we do as interior designers and how their decisions affect us.

It's time to take action by raising up with One Voice and designing our future! You are invited to become part of One Voice by signing up at or texting  "One Voice" to 52886 so we can all begin to take action by raising up as One Voice to design our future. You will be joining thousands of interior designers across the country to raise up as One Voice - both residential and commercial interior designers!

Stay tuned to receive updates and alerts on how you can engage with interior designers in your area and tell your elected officials what we stand for as well as how the decisions they make affect us every day!

It's about YOUR Voice. It's about OUR Voice. WE are One Voice!

Cynthia A Hahn   President-Elect, ASID Michigan
T 313.529.5171 |  [email protected]
Eileen Minna
Eileen Minna | Financial Director

I've been a member of ASID since college. My membership has allowed me to advance in my career and I believe that my opportunities to volunteer within the association have strengthened my skills. For those of you who have ever volunteered - you know of the great satisfaction that it brings. Other benefits to volunteering include:
  1. Can improve job opportunities
  2. Contributes to your health and well being as well as sense of self-worth
  3. Improved interpersonal skills, such as communication, understanding people better, motivating others, and dealing w/difficult situations
  4. Great way to learn or develop a new skill 
  5. Gives you motivation and a sense of achievement
  6. Can boost your career options or try out a new career
I want to encourage everyone to participate in one of the several fundraising events that are in the works for the coming months. Some are fast approaching and we always appreciate all the help we can muster! One of the first fundraising events for our current community project, Grace Centers of Hope, is the upcoming Spring Fling.
Another way to begin is to attend one of our monthly Industry Nights - we get together with design professionals and industry reps to network and unwind. The Industry Nights are held on the second Tuesday of the month. Be sure to check our calendar out at  for all the upcoming opportunities to get involved!

Eileen Minna  Financial Director , ASID Michigan

**See the News + Notes section for a new volunteer position!
ASID Michigan Industry Nights
Sponsorship for 2016 is now open!  

Industry Night is a happy hour and member mingle open to all students, vendors, and professionals that may be affiliated with ASID or its members. Sponsored by Michigan chapter Industry Partners in your area, the first drink and appetizer is on us! Held on the second Tuesday of every month. 

ASID Michigan is currently looking for Industry Partners and Friends of ASID to come together for another successful year of informal gatherings for the design community at large. A great opportunity to increase exposure for your brand and business, let ASID help you reach new, potential clients this year!

Notes and Notes |
From Your ASID Michigan Board

Flint Water Drive
Mid-Town Interior Finishes is sponsoring a water drive for the residents of Flint. There will be four drop-off points throughout Detroit. Stay tuned to our social channels for details!

Directory 2016-2017
In the coming months, ASID will be working with a third party company to assemble a directory of all ASID members and Industry Partners. Details will be forthcoming as the year progresses, and we advise all members to have up-to-date contact information on file. To do this, please visit to ensure your profile is accurate, or contact the ASID Michigan office at  (248) 649-6770.

Volunteer Opportunity!
ASID Michigan is looking for volunteers to join the recently formed Directory Committee! Please consider donating the gift of time to advance the profession of Interior Design today. Contact chair head Laura Bleecker at [email protected] to sign-up today.
Here's to the bright new future of ASID Michigan.


Your 2015-2016 Board of Directors

President  Jeff Kolp, Allied ASID
President-Elect Cynthia A. Hahn, Allied ASID
Member at Large Tina Rossi, Allied ASID
Membership Director Christina Bliss, ASID
Financial Director Eileen Minna, Allied ASID
Professional Development Director Michael McColganIP Representative
Communications Director Laura Bleecker, Allied ASID
Emerging Professional Director Korinne Ishmel, Allied ASID
ASID Monthly Highlights: 
Members + Industry Partners
They're back! Each month, ASID Michigan will highlight both members and Industry Partners in a continuing column brought to you by your Michigan Board. If you would like to be highlighted (or know someone who deserves it)! Please contact Communications Director Laura Bleecker for further details at  [email protected].
Quote of the Month
Brought to you by: Laura Bleecker

"Be a voice, not an echo."

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