Prominence Appealed to City Council
Hearing Tuesday July 16 6pm
Boise City Hall
We won at Planning and Zoning (P&Z) when the commissioners denied Prominence on Hill Road! They found that Prominence had many of the flaws of sprawl developments: lack of fire coverage near the flammable foothills, lack of nearby jobs, creating more traffic into the city core, and incompatibility with the farmland to foothills Hill Road corridor. In addition, they found that Boise Blueprint called for identifying an appropriate mix of land uses with the residents in this exact area, which we are accomplishing with the creation of our neighborhood plan. Let's allow the planning process to finish before we discuss irreparable changes along Hill Road!

Even if you have done so in the past, now is the time to let City Council and Mayor Bieter know your thoughts on the 288 unit Prominence Development, including a three story apartment, proposed for Hill Road . We need to tell our elected officials how important it is to uphold the P&Z decision.

We've made it really quick and easy -- will only take you a minute or two!
If you only can do one quick thing to help right now, please choose one of the two topics below. Click on the corresponding Email button and a short message on that topic should appear in your email client ready to send. Just add your name and address at the bottom and SEND to city planners. Then forward this email to others you think should know.

Comments due Thursday July 11.

If you have a little more time, please click on the Get Letter button and a longer letter on that topic should appear in your browser. Cut & paste into an email, add your name and address, and either send it in as is, or add your own thoughts, change it up, and make it your own! Send them to, and reference CAR19-0004. Sending in letters at this point is important even if you have commented earlier.

Let's all show up to City Hall to support better growth policies:

Boise City Council: Tues July 16, 6 pm, Boise City Hall
Thank you!
Fire Coverage lacking in NW Boise!
The NW annexation plans called for building a new fire station on Pierce Park Ln, and securing a contract with Eagle Fire. Neither has occurred, and the new cost-cutting plan simply relocates the Glenwood station to cover a huge territory. It is irresponsible to build more densely along the fire prone foothills while ignoring the original plans for better service.
Let us finish our plan!
For decades, NW Boise has lost its open space and farmland to developer requests for rezones. Without a neighborhood plan, developers are not guided to take our values, hopes and standards into account. Let's finally be allowed to put planning before rezones!
They call it Old Hill Road
Our neighbor Bob Parsley wrote and performed a song memorializing Old Hill Road! We put it to a slideshow with photos from the area. Some places are worth protecting. Please share the YouTube video! You can also find it on FB at Old Hill Road.
Remember to Vote this Fall!
Ever think your neighborhood doesn't matter as much as some others? It will only if we vote! The image shows a map of voter participation in the 2017 city elections (pale means poor). We can all have a voice if we vote in November 2019 when Mayor Bieter and three City Council seats, including Elaine Clegg, are up for our approval. This will be an exciting election with Council President Lauren McLean challenging Mayor Bieter, and ballot initiatives about public approval for stadiums and libraries put to a vote.