MAY 2020
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Ask Us Anything (Well, Almost)...

What is that bug in my garden? Do I really have to use margarine in that recipe or is butter ok? How can I keep my employees engaged while working remotely? How can I teach my kids the art of speaking in public? If you’ve wondered about the answers to any of these questions and more, N.C. Cooperative Extension in Currituck County is here for you! We have staff on hand with expertise in agriculture, animal science, foods and nutrition, leadership and community development, medicare, youth development, and more.

So if you have a real problem in the garden, are curious about air fryers, or just want to try to stump our experts, send us your questions! You can submit questions and/or photos at the link below. We’ll collect them all and answer them on one of our weekly  Live from Currituck Extension  broadcasts where you can also chat live and ask questions of our entire team.  Live from Currituck Extension  airs every weekday at 11:30 a.m. on  YouTube  and   Facebook . Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive alerts whenever we go live or post new videos. 

We can’t wait to see what kinds of challenging questions you come up with! We look forward to interacting with you. Submit your questions and photos:

Family & Consumer Sciences
Fun in the Kitchen
Pre-K and school-age children are full of energy, which can make hands-on lessons in the kitchen the perfect way to engage and entertain them. Try this fun creative healthy activity that the whole family can do together.
Free NC 4-H Summer Camp Out
We know that it is disappointing to our many 4-H members that summer 4-H camps and conferences have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19. But take heart, we have an exciting, free virtual camp experience planned just for you!
Dividing Ornamental Grasses
Dividing your ornamental grasses helps to keep them healthy, strong, and vibrant! It is also a great way to add additional plants to your landscape without spending a dime.
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