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May 11th, 2015
Summer is just around the corner, and our Service and Sales Departments are in full swing getting everyone ready for this year's boating season. This amazing Spring weather has everyone excited to get out on the water! We sea trialed the hull back on March 20th, with gale force winds! The anticipation is building as we prepare to introduce the new C111 Motor Yacht next week at the Anacortes Trawler Fest! We invite everyone to come see our new model.

On Saturday, May 16th, from 3- 6pm we are hosting a dock party for the C111. We will be on the dock in Cap Sante Marina. Details regarding the boat show are below.

In other news, we are introducing a new feature on our website - Cat Chat, an online public forum. This is for you to connect with each other, share stories and ask technical questions about Aspens. In addition to that, we've formed the Aspen Owner's Cruising Club, and have A.O.C.C. Burgee flags ($32) for all Aspen Owners. Flags will be available at Trawler Fest and the Owner's Cruise in June. 

Aspen C111 Hits the Water

 Back in March, Larry and the Team, splashed the new C111 for the first time! Of course Larry just happened to pick a very windy day, so windy that the lift in Anacortes had to cancel due to 48kts. gusts. No problem, they rerouted to LaConner and splashed her anyway!  With the push of a button, the Volvo D6 435HP engine, came to life purring effortlessly. Larry and the guys then took her for a quick spin within the Swinomish Channel, everything checked out great! No leaks or No Drips - but no Fuel! As the fuel dock closed early due to Winter hours. So after a quick run to the gas station, enough fuel was added for a extended sea trail to Anacortes. Accompanying Larry was Ric Reid, and Ron & Sherry, meanwhile Nick stayed on shore to be the photographer. Keep in mind everyone is freezing, it was 45 degrees and blowing 30+kts with gusts close to 50kts! Of course, fabulous conditions for a maiden voyage in a state-of-the-art catamaran.        


The hull performed perfectly through the 3-4' chop, and Larry was tickled pink with the performance, acceleration, and speed! At 20.7 MPH it burns 8.4 GPH, that's 2.46 MPG!!! This is absolutely incredible for the size and speed; a 40' boat with a 435 HP engine and a top speed of 29.3 MPH! Keep in mind, these were preliminary test numbers, we expect to see up to a 10% decrease in performance with the completed boat, with a top speed of 26 MHP.


C111 First Run

By: Ron Burr 


"Having been told by Larry Graf that the first time splash for the new Aspen C111 was going to be on March 20th around 3:00 PM  at the Anacortes Marina, my wife, Sherry Hartman, and I headed over for the 3:00 PM launch.  We were very eager to see the biggest inboard power catamaran Larry has built, hit the water. We owned and enjoyed a 28' version. But this one is 10 more feet of great boat. 


We pulled up to the launch location looking out at some good sized waves in the bay, where people reported it had gusted to 35 knots that day. No sign of a monster catamaran. 


After a bit, one of the guys that works for the launch company came strolling by and I asked about the Aspen. He said, "Oh, we cancelled because of the wind." I wondered if Larry knew about it yet, so I reached for my phone to call him at the same time it rang. He was calling me to tell me the launch venue had been changed to La Conner, where the Swinomish Channel is a bit more protected, and he'd see us there around five. 


We headed on over and drove all around the boatyard to see if it had arrived, and, not seeing it, drove back out to the marina approach. We finally caught sight of the huge rig in the distance heading west toward La Conner. We parked the car near a corner and got ready to take pictures as it came around. It seemed huge towering over us as it rounded the curve.   


The launch company has a double dock the width of the launch vehicle which cradles the boat, pretty awesome swinging in the air as it moves into place. The operator sits on the side over one of the wheels and is in constant contact on the radio with those on the dock. He drove the vehicle along the two docks with the 38 in between and over the water. They let the boat down slowly . . . and, splash, she was on the water!   


Larry had told Sherry and I that a lot of the builders and technicians would be there, so we should let them do their work first. After things slowed down and while Larry was yet to arrive with the diesel, I went on aboard. Still a lot of the interior was unfinished or covered for protection. But immediately evident was that this seems like a giant compared to the other Aspens I had been aboard.  


Larry only had enough life jackets to take the builders and techs that were present so they could do some assessments. So Cathy, Sherry and I stayed on the dock to take pictures of the first voyage. Out of the marina and into the Swinomish Channel the 38 plowed through the wind and waves. The speed limit near the docks kept us from being close enough to take pictures or videos of the 38 up to speed. From land, however, we could see it in the distance speeding up  the channel.  


On return, most of the builders and technicians were ready to go home, so I was able to finagle Sherry and myself a place on the second, longer voyage up the Channel, under the bridge that makes Fidalgo an Island, and on to Cap Sante Marina. 


The wind was still cold and strong as we left La Conner Marina with Larry and Ric Reid, the boat's building supervisor. Looking at the wind waves in the channel I kept expecting to see Larry, at the helm, with a huge smile and rubbing his hands together with glee. I was having flashbacks to my first ride in an Aspen 28.  He did that the first day we met him. He is an expert at piloting these cats to glide over the waves. Sherry and I didn't have to talk long to know we wanted one. Now, once again with Larry, we are coveting the 38. 


Those speeds skimming across nasty waves are a thrill with two hulls for stability. So, even though the weather was iffy, or maybe especially so, splash day was an adrenaline day. Just imagine being with owner-builder whizzing by March Point into Fidalgo Bay as he finds out his new creation that he thought would be great is all that he thought it would be and more. 


Then, we came back to reality and some more adrenaline rush when pulling into the harbor, wind roaring, looking for the assigned slip in front of Anthony's. We missed the assigned slip, then made for another one with no thrusters and strong winds. 


Nick Graf, trying to keep up with the photography on a historic day, had shown up in time to tie off the bow. But the stern was about ten feet off the dock. I flake a line, as my training comes back to me, throw it 15 feet and hit him in the chest. He wraps it around a cleat, leans back and pulls about eight times and we're in. 


A day like that is bound to be a bit of emotional roller coaster. I am so glad I was there." 




The C111 Motor Yacht 

By: Chis Wyman, Launch Buyer

The following day the winds calmed, the skies cleared, and the sun came out. Which again made for an excellent photo session, joining Larry on the boat was Chris Wyman and his girlfriend Shannon.  

"So, I got a chance to take a ride on the new Aspen C111 today, and I only have one word. Wow. If you are familiar with the C90/C100 family, this new larger boat feels very similar yet totally different.  Let me explain that.  I became familiar with the the shorter C100 (32ft) on a weekend trip from Anacortes, WA to Victoria, BC. What impressed me most about that 32-footer was the soft ride, stability, and efficiency at speed - we cruised at about 20mph that weekend, burning around 8gph, which blew me away in terms of efficiency, speed and stability.


What was unexpected to me today in the new, larger C111, was two things: first, how much bigger the boat is (it's much closer in size to my former Nordic Tug 37 - WAY bigger than the 32-footer overall).  Second, even with the substantial size of the boat, it accelerated just as quickly as a C90/C100 (almost pulled me off my feet), tracked and cornered similarly to its much more small and nimble cousin, and had a very similar low wake to its cousin at 20mph: two small rooster-tails meeting behind the boat and just flattening out to almost nothing.  And I mean that literally; the wake appears to be just about 4 inches tall to my eye at that speed. At the same speed, the C111 clocked in at a leisurely 8.4gph at 20.7mph - a 38-footer burning just as much fuel as the smaller 32 foot cousin at the same speed!  


Still, let me put that 20mph number into a different perspective: 20mph is equal in speed to wide open throttle on my old mono hull trawler, which burned around 18gph at that speed, not that it could run like that more than a few minutes at a time. But even if it could, that is more than 2x the fuel burn of the C111 at equivalent speed.  Knowing I could run at 20mph all day for only a small amount more per mile than my old 9mph cruising speed, it makes me giddy to think of the increase in my range. One concrete example: Port Townsend used to be a 5 hour run from Seattle in my old trawler; in the C111, it will be just 2.5 hours. That puts it in reach for a weekend when it wasn't before.


The stability and lack of roll momentum is an entirely different reason I'm excited about the C111. In the past, I've found myself in fairly short chop (1-2 feet, not severe conditions in anybody's book) in my mono hull, but when the waves hit at just the right frequency - especially at displacement speeds that I typically went - it got incredibly uncomfortable, rolling harder and harder as each wave tipped the boat further.  Tables fell over; dishes went flying.  It wasn't so much the conditions being bad as the boat design amplifying the effect.  Having buoyancy on the edges of the boat is kind of like going from an old-fashioned round-bottomed dinghy to a RIB dinghy - from tippy to "rock-solid stable".  It's an uncanny feeling for me to feel this level of stability and efficiency in a grand-sized, multi-stateroom boat.


Overall, I'm very impressed with the new Aspen C111, and I can't wait to take delivery of my own. I'm looking forward to all of the adventures my family and friends will have on the C111 in the years ahead. (And yes, I am excited to be able to have both friends and family overnight at the same time!)"

MAY 14TH - 17TH

Trawler Fest is PassageMaker Magazine's stand-alone series of boat shows, specifically designed for cruising enthusiasts. Strategically located in key cruising regions nationwide, Trawler Fest features an impressive in-water selection of new and pre-owned cruising powerboats, first-class education and demonstrations, the latest in marine products & services, and opportunities to share cruising adventures with fellow cruisers, industry experts and your favorite PassageMaker editors.


Trawler Fest is more than a boat show; it's where industry, education, and community come together in a relaxed, rendezvous-type atmosphere. It is an experience you simply won't want to miss!

1019 Q AVE


Boat Show Hours: 

Thursday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am -3pm





General Admission: 

$15 in advance, $18 on site

Seminars (2 hour): 

$50 in advance, $60 on site


Use Promo Code: TFA15 when signing up online to receive $5 General Attendance Tickets. 

For Factory Tour, Demo Ride, or a Private Viewing
Schedule with Nick Graf: 206.948.5090

A Warm Welcome to our New Aspen Owners

Bob & Nancy Baillie, Aspen C100, Galatea

The Baillies have been boating for many years and commute across the Strait of Georgia to their cabin on Pender Island. More often than not, it's rough! So Bob began researching catamarans with his neighbor, Dave Bonar. After ordering their boat, the Baillies decided to charter Aspen Fun III and join the other Aspen Owners on their Annual Cruising Trip to the Islands. Bob and Nancy love the water and their new Aspen! 


LaDena James, her son Dean, and friend Tom, Aspen C100, MEWOW

Mewow is a catching machine, fully loaded with fishing options! LaDena is based down on the Oregon Coast and loves fishing. All of their boating is in the Pacific Ocean, so a smooth and stable ride was a high priority in her next boat. With the fishing season just beginning, we wish them tight lines and bloody decks! 


Al & Kate Werner, Aspen C100, Vada

The Werners just took delivery last month and are excited to begin their journey as first time boat owners! Orientation the first weekend included an afternoon with Larry, then the following day Nick and Al cruised to Rosario for lunch. Along the way they practiced using all the systems and even anchoring. The next weekend Al was ready to go boating, and this is what he had say: "We were out for a couple of nights, well, Friday night we just stayed in the marina because the weather was so rotten, but got a chance to use the boat and most of the systems over a couple of days. By and large everything worked great and I was able to figure out how to do what we needed to do, so no panicked calls to you. Good tutoring by Nick and Larry certainly helped here, that and the fact that you've laid the boat out in a pretty intuitive way."



New Model 28' F90 Commercial "Whale Watcher"

Spencer and Rachel Domico, owners of Legacy Charters, have been friends of Aspen for many years. They've been dreaming of owning the most innovative and fuel efficient boat, and that dream is becoming a reality. Their new boat will be an incredible platform for whale watching! 

The new F90 Pilot House is just one of the new models planned for our existing 28' hull. Through the development and construction of this new model, we decided to build a new deck mold featuring giant fore deck hatches, our 32' cockpit with cooler nook and engine lazerettes. This new mold will be the base for many new model configuration. The models will simply have modular pieces that drop onto this new deck mold, for example a center console and T-top for a fishing boat. 


As for the Domico's Pilot House, unique features include: large access in cockpit to fore deck, sliding door access into the cabin, tempered mirror finished glass(same glass as 38'), hardtop ladder and spotting chair for 2, large L lounge and an in house head. The forward bump on the house doubles as seating, extra interior storage, and headroom for the head. There will also be plenty of under seat storage for passengers and their gear. Also, to insure a timely voyage with the F90, the Volvo D3 220HP is being installed. The performance numbers should be interesting!    

Seen here is the computer-cut pilot house structure, Coosa composite, a high density closed cell foam that is fiberglass reinforced. We use Coosa in all our bulkheads and stringers. The house will be gel coat and fiberglass once complete, the kit is mocked up here for fit. 


Lazarette, Engine Acess, and walkway to bow. Fore Deck: designed for easy and safe access for the disabled.

Design concepts for future models: 

L90- Aspen Prototype

For more information email Nick:

Brizo, Capitain G, and crew meet the Sea of Cortez Captain's Log: 

"Welcome to the vessel Brizo with whom I am living with in the Sea of Cortz.. I invite you into the cabin where we can take a brief walk through the last two weeks. Sit down pull out a map and imagine you have journeyed with me. 

First there was the fabulous harbor at San Carlos with the ramp launch and the 80 mile crossing to Isla Tortuga and on to Santa Rosalia to feed the thirsty fuel tanks and escape some strong "Norte" winds. Then on down to the palm filled oasis town of Mulege that Steinbeck referred to as a "malaria filled hole"; it was delightful. There was Loreto and the marina at Puerto Escondido and on through the island of San Franciso and finally La Paz. 

But none of this really mattered: there was really only the winds, currents, pure blue sky, setting the anchor, predicting what the night winds would do, breathtaking turquoise blue water, and the wake-up feel of the warm water as we jumped in to clear out the sleepy-stuff from our brains. But mainly there was the sense of connection with nature and the awe of the expansive sky and stars at night. All the stuff of the "real" world of bills, emails, taxes, duties became the dream and the reality became us and the Sea of Cortez." 


By: Gary Groth-Marnat, Aspen C90 Owner 



Scheduled Cruises

Spring Owner's Cruise: Port Townsend, June 5-7th

Our Spring Cruise is a fun weekend, where new owners have the opportunity to meet existing owners. Also, we invite perspective buyers to come visit and openly ask questions with our Owner's. This year we'll be cruising to the Victorian Sea Port of Port Townsend, a beautiful place to stay. With recent marina upgrades, the NW Maritime Center, restaurants, and shops are all steps away from the dock. We are sure to have a blast! It's going to be a warm sunny weekend, so save the dates, and more trip details to come.  


Possible Activities


-Beach Walking

-Chetzemoka Flower Garden

-NW Maritime Center

-Check out Classic Mariner's Regatta

-1.7 mile walk to Fort Warden State Park

-Annual Dinghy Crawl


Summer Owner's Cruise: Broughton Islands, July 24th -August 7th

It was a unanimous decision to trek back to the Broughton Islands! This was such a fabulous trip last year that the Team is planning another fun filled 2 week trip. Aside from the cruise itself, there's amazing fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, and resort Happy Hours! We will follow the trip structure from last year, meeting at Poete's Cove and zipping up to Campbell River the following day. The day after, we'll cruise into the Broughtons by mid-day. Although, there's some flexibility depending on weather conditions. If conditions are not favorable, we will adjust the trip to Desolation Sound. Again save the dates, trip details to come.


Boats for Sale

New 2015 Models - Custom Built to Order

There are a limited number of 2015 production slots available for summer deliveries.

$10,000 reserves a production slot and your commitment holds the current pricing. It also includes a Dream Speaker cruising guide with a local chart book. Excellent Garmin incentives are available for deposits received at the boat show. Don't be disappointed, call for your a quote, and pre-order a hull before we run out!   


28' C90 Cruiser  Special Pricing From: $218,600
32' C100 Escape 
Special Pricing From: $287,440
38' C111 Motor Yacht  Special Pricing From: $610,800


Our Pre-Owned Listings: 

Along with the introduction of our new models, we have had an increase in our pre-owned inventory. Now that we've been in production for Five Years, we finally have some used boats available. Our owners are either trading into a larger Aspen or leaving boating due to health restrictions. You may notice the resale values are significantly higher than other comparable brands. This is indicative of our extremely high quality, you will typically only see 2-5% depreciation with our models. The main variables being engine hours and how the boat was outfitted with optional equipment. This is a key aspect of how much does it really cost to own a boat? Knowing your investment will hold its value over time is a luxury that few experience. All our vessels have a transferable "Aspen Warranty", and we offer Brunswick Passport Extended Warranties to further protect your asset.       


2013 Aspen C100,  Talisman

$295,990 Includes: Volvo D3 220HP with 250Hrs. Auto Pilot and Radar, many new custom options, truly a one of a kind boat! Custom high gloss Teak through-out, 2 Garmin 8200 class series chart plotter with CHIRP fish finder. Turn Key Ready! 


2012 Aspen C90, Speedy Tweedy

$189,900 Exceptional, and above average vessel;Powered w/ Cummins 150HP  with only 200Hrs! From Newport Beach, CA; Speedy Tweedy is now in storage at the factory. 

Fully loaded with options, call for details.


$310,000 SELLING THIS MONTH - OWNER'S are stepping up to a C111.

Fully Loaded, Cruising Gear Included. Volvo 220HP with Low 202 Hrs. Available in Seattle end of May.

Options include: 12V Watermaker, Autopilot, AIS 600, and a Float On Trailer.


2006 Glacier Bay 3480 Ocean Runner

$229,000 Must see this exceptional & economical catamaran cruiser.

Equipped w/Cummins 380HP QSB Diesel Engines,

3.8KW Panda Diesel Genset

NorthStar 972 Colour Chart Plotter,

15" Furuno NavNet Radar/Plotter/Autopilot,

Wallas Diesel Furnace - Fully Loaded and in pristine condition.