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Ever seen those people ski  uphill  and think: they're going the wrong way? Skinning is not only a great full body workout but it also helps you get to back country areas that many people can't visit - giving you a peaceful hike and ride down in untouched powder. If you choose to go back country, be sure to take an avalanche course and know how to stay safe. There are also uphill policies and routes you must follow, so don't be that guy in the middle of the trail facing on coming traffic or getting a ticket!

Another great thing about going uphill are the events and causes that surround the sport. Aspen Ascent is an uphill festival at Buttermilk in March and Friday Morning Uphill Breakfast Club begins in January. Perhaps the biggest uphill event of all is the Audi Power of FourThe grueling course covers 24 miles and more than 10,000 vertical feet of climbs. Teams start in Snowmass Village, traverse to West Buttermilk, then on to Aspen Highlands where they ski over to Aspen Mountain and end in gondola plaza.
On December 8th, Dr. Hughes will be participating in the  Summit for Life!
This is a nighttime uphill race and fundraiser for the Chris Klug Foundation. The race is from the base of Aspen Mountain all the way to the top. Dr. Hughes, will climb 3,267 vertical feet - over 2.5 miles uphill and at night! The Chris Klug Foundation's mission is to raise awareness about the importance of organ & tissue donation. By participating in Summit for Life, he will be helping them spread that message and make a difference for the 115,000+ people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.

To compete, he must collect $100 of donations that will go towards the Chris Klug Foundation. Please consider donating any amount to support Dr. Hughes in raising awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donations.

12th Annual Summit for Life Event - Chris Klug Foundation

Donate $50 or more and receive a FREE bottle of Dr. Hughes'

Thank you for your support.

Supplement Corner
Extreme Hydration Formula by Dr. Hughes

In the 1950-1960s, when working hard outside, we drank water and took a salt pill. In the 1970-1980s, we starting drinking electrolyte-enhanced beverages like Gatorade and sometimes even soda for hydration. In the 1990-2000s, we threw out the artificial colors, flavors, and high fructose corn syrup from Gatorade (and Coke), and we went back to drinking just water. However, unless we were endurance athletes, we forgot to add the salt pill.

As a physician, I know how critical getting enough salt is to helping patients and athletes stay hydrated and electrolyte balanced. Patients complain to me that they feel dehydrated but they drink water all day long. I ask them, "Do you drink water and then have to pee in about an hour later?" 

Most of the patient's respond, "Yes, how did you know?

I tell them, "If you pour water on a paved road, it will run down the road and take the salts on the road with it. If you pour water on a sandy beach, it will soak into the sand. The key is to make your body like a sandy beach." In order to get your body to absorb water like a sandy beach, you will have add some salt to your water. I tell my patients to add himalayan, celtic or another unrefined salt to your drinking water so that you can stay hydrated. After 10 years of this practice, I finally created a salt-based hydration formula, Extreme Hydration.

Learn more about this Extreme Hydration Formula developed by Dr. Hughes

Feeling generous? Donate $50 or more to Dr. Hughes'  Summit for Life  race and receive a FREE bottle of  Extreme Hydration Formula!

Thank you for your support.

Did You Know
Holidays and Stress

The holiday season is a busy time for most.  There is so much to do, attend and plan, which can bring up feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and depressed. Conversely, this is also a time where people may feel acutely aware of the void left by the loss of a loved one, and their own personal loneliness.  

Holiday depression, anxiety and stress can affect anyone at any age. Sometimes, these feelings are triggered by a specific event or life experience. There are many things happening around the holidays that can act as triggers.

Holiday depression, stress, anxiety can be managed by following the tips listed above. Many people who experience depression, anxiety and stress during the holidays may think that they should just be able to 'get over it' on their own. Others may need time to recognize how deeply this affects their life. If your holiday depression, anxiety or stress seems severe or is interfering with your job or home life, talk to your doctor.

Here are some of the most common holiday triggers and tips to prevent and/or lessen holiday depression, anxiety and stress. Remember, that you always have a choice and there are options available to you. We wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.
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