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Try New Things:
Go on a hut trip!

If you're itching for a night in the wild, consider nabbing a bunk in one of Colorado's many backcountry huts: cozy sanctuaries that are especially popular in the winter. The  10th Mountain Division manages a system of 35 huts, accessible by skiing or snowshoeing when the snow flies, and hiking or biking in the summer. After a day exploring the mountains, there's nothing better than relaxing with friends by the fire as the aroma of a simmering stew fills the hut with the promise of an impending feast. Settle in, play a game or two, and tilt back a bottle of spirits to warm your insides.

Craig Hoffman, a  Boulder-based photographer who has been using the hut system since the early '90s, heads out with his family several times a year and loves it: "It allows me to escape, unplug, and live simply in the mountains." Hoffman's advice for first timers? "Be prepared to be outdoors most of the day. Pack light and sensible."

All you need is food, clothing, and a sleeping bag. Toss your bag on a bunk (mattresses and pillows are provided), throw on some comfy clothes, and enjoy a respite from the hectic pace of everyday life, with fire flames licking up the sides of the wood stove and an adult beverage in hand.

And there are more creature comforts than you might expect: Some huts even have saunas, and kitchens come with equipped with propane stoves and all the cookware and dishes you'll need. Some also have running water (though at others you'll melt snow or retrieve water from a stream).

Did You Know?
There are benefits to spending time alone.

We are a people on the run. In our ever-growing culture of busy, busy, busy, we feel under constant pressure to complete tasks quickly, multi-task, and make each moment of our waking days productive. But what impact is this go-go-go culture having on us, and how may we be squandering opportunities for solitude?
Think about how you spend your time alone. We all have moments over the course of our waking hours when we are by ourselves, but being alone isn't the same as experiencing solitude. Especially in our digital culture, our solitary time is not often actually spent by ourselves-we have social media or other forms of distractions at our fingertips so that even alone time isn't entirely by ourselves anymore.

Essentially, we need to better connect with ourselves to then enable us to extend such a connection to the people and world around us. These processes, essential to basic human development, are oftentimes undermined when the time that we used to spend by ourselves in solitude are usurped by the seductive pull of our digital devices. Indeed, as identified in an article from Mindful , "when we lose the ability to be alone with ourselves, our overstimulated nervous systems suffer from no place to rest and recharge" (Sevilla, 2017, para 3).

Read this article,  Solitude to Feed the Spirit by Azadeh Aalai PhD

Supplement Corner:
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