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Live With Zero-Waste

Take a minute to peruse the contents of the trash cans throughout your home. While this might not be the most pleasant (or pleasant-smelling!) activity, doing so can provide you with the information you need to begin living healthier, leaner and lighter on the planet. And it might even help you save money over the long haul.

If you're like most of us, you produce an astounding 4.38 pounds of landfill-bound trash every single day, according to the EPA. For a family of four, that's a daily output of more than 17 pounds of trash, officially called Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)-resulting in an annual total of more than 6,200 pounds.

Zero-waste living means aiming to reduce landfill-bound trash to the bare minimum-a worthy goal considering that a plastic bag could take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. When you look through your trash, you'll probably find discards that could be recycled, reused or repurposed. As you get excited about zero-waste living, you'll reprioritize your shopping habits and reduce the amount of clutter and excessive packaging or goods you bring into your home in the first place. Whether you're an experienced zero-waster or a beginner, there's always something to learn or ways to improve. Here's an easy guide to streamlining the whole process.
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Foods That Prevent Cancer

Obviously, adhering to a healthy lifestyle is the best strategy to prevent cancer. A significant part of this defense scheme is diet. Not only is it important to regulate the amount of calories and saturated fat taken in each day, but paying special attention to the quality of the food going in is equally essential. For those of us who consider label reading and diet planning a chore, remember this: quality is easily measured by origin. In other words, if it comes out of a box or wrapper with a long list of additives, then it's likely a processed food of poor quality; if it's grown without chemicals and harvested from the ground or plucked from a tree, then it's certain to be quality food.

It's also a good idea to eat by color, meaning turn your dinner plate into an artist's palate filled with lots of red, green, yellow and purple foods. Chicken, fish and an occasional serving of pork and lean beef is fine, if you so choose. Just keep in mind that the American Institute for Cancer Research recommends that at least two-thirds of your plate be filled with vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans.

Certain foods are particularly good at warding off cancer. While no single food will perform this feat alone, many types of foods enjoyed in combination on a regular basis can significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer as well as many other diseases. 

Meet your army of culinary cancer-fighting soldiers: 
Supplement Corner:

Many of us are aware that as we age we will likely be joined by new aches and pains. Despite how common joint pain is, enduring the pain instead of seeking help can lead to an increase of pain and a worsening of symptoms. We all want to feel great as we age, but that can sometimes feel like a difficult task. By taking care of ourselves and our joints at all ages and stages of life, we'll be able to feel strong and radiant throughout all of our years.

If you've ever wondered why jello is distributed for nearly every meal in a hospital, then you may not have considered the health benefits of gelatin, one of its main ingredients. 

Gelatin is made from the boiling of animal bones, cartilage, and skin to extract the collagen.  Collagen is the fibrous material that connects muscle, bones, and skin in animals and when it's processed it becomes what we call gelatin.  It has a high amino acid profile, and because it is made up of 98-99% protein it has many healing properties for the human body. Ingesting gelatin has been proven to improve bone and joint pain, which makes it a valuable tool for those who looking to strengthen the cartilage around their joints

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