Keeping patients healthy and pain-free without resorting to surgery or long-term medications.

" You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, 
deserve your love and affection." 
Try New Things:
We always revisit this topic because it is so healing for the mind and body. Mindfulness meditation can allow the rise of consciousness, which in turns aids in a healthy lifestyle. 

"There are three keys to living a good, healthy life. The first is to be happy, because when you are happy, you have higher immunity, and that will help fight cancer and other diseases. Second... meditation, which is nowadays very secular, is part of that; it's important, as it helps one have mindfulness... Third, service is very important, It isn't that you try to serve in order to earn good karma. Rather, the best way to be happy is to help others be happy, and that increases your own body's beneficial hormones, such as prolactin and DHEA. At the same time, the stress hormones, which are catabolic--playing a role in the breakdown of proteins and so on--decrease."

"One of the things you realize is that this body and all material things are temporary. Our emotions and our suffering are temporary. When you realize that, it's much easier to deal with stress. I've learned that we can all learn to be very happy right now by accepting the way things are--and then improving on them. The biggest stress is when we are not happy about the way things are right now."

"When you accept and when you meditate, you have a clarity of mind, and then you can improve on what is before you by choice, in a happy way, rather than with stress."

Supplement Corner:
Do you become overwhelmed when you're in the supplement aisle? Do you ever feel like you're shoving a fistful of pills into your mouth every day and can no longer remember why you're taking what? What if you have to cut back on natural treatments because of money, but don't know how to prioritize? For these reasons and more, it's helpful to be aware of potent agents that serve multiple roles. Meet lipoic acid, the little supplement that packs a powerful punch. 

Here are 8 little known benefits of alpha lipoic acid (ALA):
1. ALA is a potent antioxidant and regenerates other antioxidants. 
2. ALA improves cellular energy levels.
3. ALA crosses blood-brain barrier.
4. ALA may promote heavy metal chelation.
5. ALA improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar.
6. ALA improves lipid profiles.
7. ALA may help protect against antipsychotic-induced weight gain. 
8. ALA shows promise as a potential treatment for stroke, diabetic neuropathy, brain injury, Alzheimer's & multiple sclerosis.

Treatments We Offer:
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), as practiced by Dr. Hughes, is similar to chiropractic treatment, except that Dr. Hughes utilizes more subtle therapies to reposition the body instead of the typical, quicker motions used by most chiropractors. Most back pain originates in the muscles, ligaments, or joints of the back. Direct OMT moves the tight or painful tissues toward the area of tightness or restricted movement. Indirect OMTs move the tissue away from the area of restricted movement. The tissue is held there until the muscle relaxes. An OMT treatment session generally takes at least 25-30 minutes and is covered by most insurance plans. Dr Hughes' practice of OMT may benefit those with conditions such as back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck injuries, muscle spasms, referred visceral pain, asthma, COPD, edema, and other physiological conditions.

How It Works:
  • Stretching the muscles and supporting ligaments of the back
  • Relaxing muscle spasms
  • Restoring normal mechanics to the vertebrae of the back
  • Promoting free movement of the musculo-skeletal system
  • Improving blood flow and drainage
  • Reducing bulging discs-the elastic structures between the vertebrae-and correcting the internal displacement of disc fragments
  • Freeing adhesion around a prolapsed disk
  • Inhibiting transmission of nerve impulses 

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