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The use of Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and other natural remedies are showing to withstand the test of time while many medications and NSAIDs contain hidden dangers. Transform your health cabinet with these high-quality essential oils recommended by Dr. Axe!
Did You Know?
Farmed Salmon Contain Synthetic Tire Chemical

Fish farms are the water-based equivalents of land-based concentrated animal feeding operations, and as such they create the same, if not worse, environmental concerns.  One of the reasons farmed salmon contain higher levels of toxins than wild is because their feed is highly contaminated. A chemical of particular concern found in farmed salmon (but not in wild) is ethoxyquin - a rubber stabilizer, pesticide, preservative and antioxidant all in one, and a suspected carcinogen that damages DNA. Since the salmon pens are placed along wild salmon runs, they pose a severe threat to wild salmon that pass by, exposing wild fish to diseases such as piscine reovirus, which now threatens wild salmon with extinction.  Toxicology testing reveals farmed salmon is one of the most toxic foods in the world - more than five times more toxic than any other food tested, with eight times higher PCB levels than wild salmon. 

And farmed salmon isn't the only fish that you shouldn't eat. Others include: tilapia, Atlantic cod, Atlantic flatfish (Atlantic halibut, flounder, and sole), caviar, Chilean seabass, eel, imported basa, swai, or tra (often labeled as catfish), imported farmed shrimp, imported king crab, orange roughy, shark, Atlantic bluefin tuna, swordfish, king mackerel, goruper, or sturgeon. 

Yes, we're sad too. 

Here is the "Green List" of Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch for healthier alternatives.
Supplement Corner:
Additives Hiding in Your Supplements

Just when you thought you were doing so good about taking your vitamins, now you have to be careful about what is in them! Supplementation shouldn't be a guessing game. Unfortunately, most mainstream conventional manufacturers of vitamins and supplements would prefer you focus more on their marketing then on the ingredients in their products. Store shelves are filled with products containing potentially harmful ingredients and loaded with additives like stearates, artificial colors, artificial preservatives and fillers.

Here is a brief list of ingredients to be on the lookout for. Any of these should be an immediate red flag with your vitamins, supplements and other nutritional products.

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