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Did You Know

Did you know you've probably pulled, stomped or sprayed a natural superfood that grows in your backyard? Dandelion is mostly known as a backyard weed, but it has amazing nutrient qualities and health promoting properties.

All the parts of the plant can be used in various ways though the roots and leaves are the most commonly used as herbs. Who knew that this plant with puffy flowers that grant childhood wishes could offer so much benefit?

Dandelion is a source of a variety of nutrients and the leaves and root contain Vitamins (like A,C, K and B-vitamins) as well as minerals (including magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium and choline). The various parts of the plant have a long history of use as an herbal remedy, and every documented population in areas where it grows naturally has used it medicinally.

It also serves as an abundant natural food source, as all parts of the plant can be eaten. The root is often roasted and used in teas or consumed whole. The leaves make a great addition to salads or other dishes requiring greens and the flowers (while still yellow), can be eaten raw, cooked or even made into wine!

Traditional cultures have used dandelion to support digestive and hormone health and it was often consumed to support lactation or to help remedy issues like urinary tract infections.

Learn more about  The Benefits of Dandelions!

Try New Things
Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is conducted in a room where pure salt is diffused into the air to breathe. Breathing the micro-particles of salt has many benefits to the lungs. Most salt rooms have a salt accent wall, where bricks of pure Himalayan salt are lighted and heated. This provides a nice ambiance to the room and releases negative ions into the air. The micro-particles of salt come from a halogenerator which grinds the 99.99% pure sodium chloride salt and defuses it into the air. During a salt therapy session, the room remains sealed to make sure there is a proper amount of diffused salt in the air. Once the session is over, the air in the room is completely cleared so that the room is fresh for each salt therapy session.

Benefits of Salt Therapy

   Improves Respiratory Health
  • Reduces airways inflammation
  • Helps clear excess mucus
  • Helps clear pollen, pollutants, toxins, and viral agents from lungs and nasal tract
  • Reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues
   Improves Skin Health
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Assists healing of small fissures and scratches
  • Reduces edema on post-surgical scars
  • Reduces inflammation of the skin
Book online at  Fahrenheit Body Spas in Willits for a salt therapy session during yoga, a massage, or simply relaxing and breathing in the bliss!

Supplement Corner
Tips to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

What makes spring so beautiful for many people leads to misery for those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms. Natural allergy treatments  can be as effective and, in many cases, more effective than allergy medications.

Fresh cut grass, blooming trees and flowers, and weeds release pollen, causing seasonal allergies in an estimated 40 million to 60 million people each year. Allergic rhinitis is the medical term for hay fever and seasonal allergies that occur not just in the spring, but throughout the summer and into the fall. (And did you know certain foods, even healthy ones, can make your allergies even worse? See the list of 18 foods below.)

In 2019, allergies are forecast to be severe, with many dubbing spring allergy season the "pollenpocalypse" or "extreme pollen blanket." Images in North Carolina show the sky tinted from a never-before-seen haze of yellow pollen, and it's sweeping throughout the country. Experts predict the worst is still on its way, so the time to get your body prepped to defend allergy season is now.

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