Aspen Offers Surface Mount, Drop-In, Coaxial & Waveguide Isolators & Circulators from 40MHz -120GHz

Surface mount circulators &and isolators are available from JQL Electronics. This range of compact ferrite devices covers various wireless communication bands from 860MHz to 3.8GHz.

These circulators offer isolation to 23dB, bandwidths from 25MHz to 200MHz and an average handling power of 60 to 100 Watts. Custom versions are available to meet specific frequency bands, isolation and power requirements.

  • PCS, DCS, CDMA, UMTS band, RFID frequency bands.
  • Compact package design for PC board applications.
  • High isolation to 23dB.
  • Low insertion loss 0.35dB.
  • High power handling, up to 100W.
  • PCB soldering re-flow.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Custom design available upon request.
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Sonoma provide high quality RF and Microwave ferrite isolators and circulators from 40MHz to 40GHz. Their updated website now offers customers some great new tools; these include a unique parts generator that allows you to search easily through over 2,000 parts.

Sort Parts By
  • Frequency.
  • Insertion Loss (dB).
  • Isolation (dB).
  • Configuration/Style.
Sonoma also specialise in designing parts specific to customer's specifications. So, if you can't find what you're looking for, they will design it for you!

Product Range
  • Broad Selection of Frequency & Bandwidth.
  • (7.7GHz-120GHz, from 3% to Full Bandwidth).
  • Military, Space and Commercial Applications.
  • High Power Designs.
  • High Isolation, Low Insertion Loss.
  • Wide Operation Temperature Range.
  • Custom Designs Available Upon Request.
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