Aspen Electronics is proud to announce
our new partnership with TRM Microwave
TRM utilises the best combination of core technologies including, ferrite, coaxial, microstrip, stripline and Airstrip™.

Additionally, they offer custom and standard power dividers, directional couplers, hybrids, beamformers, baluns, switched combiners, image reject mixers, phase comparators and high-reliability space-qualified components.

TRM’s base of proven products provides the building blocks required to supply higher level integrated assemblies.
Some examples of their innovative products:
Beamformer 44415-R for WiFi and ISM Band Applications
TRM Microwave’s BM 44415-R is a 4x4 Butler Matrix, fixed beamformer for 2.4 GHz WiFi and 5 GHz ISM Band applications.

It can be used with a four-antenna array to produce four beam patterns across both frequency bands simultaneously.

Insertion Loss 10 dB Max; Amplitude Bal ± 1.5 dB Max; RF Shielding -65 dB Min; Isolation 20 dB Min; VSWR 1.3:1; Phase Balance ±30° Max; Output Power 30dBm
DL 22030, Broadband Ferrite 2-Way Power Divider, 20 to 3000 MHz
The DL22030 broadband 2-way power divider is ideal for a wide range of wireless RF microwave applications ranging from amplifier combining & receiver dividing to antenna splitting.

Suitable for networks from VHF to S band, the DL22030 operates from 20-3000 MHz. Excellent insertion loss of 2 dB max, 18 dB min isolation, 1.5:1 max input VSWR and 1.5:1 max output VSWR.

Compact package size (1.25˝ x .7˝ x .5˝) allows this extremely lightweight component to fit into space limited locations. Electrical performance and materials can be modified to your spec requirements.

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