Aspen Therapy 2022 Award Winners!!!

Team of the Year



The Newark Therapy Team did not shy away from the challenge and confronted the difficult times with kindness and determination. Just as one challenge was met they were surely faced with another. This team never stopped working together. The Therapy Department created and participated in as many events as they could to show their resolution to be present and assist the Newark facility staff with the task of caring for all residents. The goal of "we are one" is what best describes this team and how they operated throughout the year.

The facility of Newark was affected by COVID harshly and often throughout the year. The Therapy team assisted the nursing and housekeeping staff in any way they could inside the COVID unit to make the residents feel comfortable and supported. Therapists held residents' hands, took the time to listen and pray with them, and most of all, the Therapists treated the patients like family!

Newark is the team that remembers the little details and how important it is to stay positive and work as a unit in all types of situations. 

We are thankful to have this amazing team representing Aspen Therapy!

FRC of the Year

Cathy Stuchell PTA, Hillsdale-PA

Cathy Stuchell is the FRC at Hillsdale. She always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She embraces change and always strives to meet expectations. She treats the residents and her employees like family. She is creative and truly wants to impact the lives of others. She gives without asking for anything in return. She donates her time and at times her own money to the residents to make their lives better. The Therapy team never lets a Holiday or special event go by without celebrating together with the Residents. Cathy's gym is always decorated with pictures of the special events for the Residents to enjoy!

Cathy is a team player. She works well with the Embassy team! She is dependable and if she gives her word, she will always deliver. Every winning team needs someone like Cathy!

Ambassador of the Year

Luke Massery-SLP Royal Oak

Luke Massery is the SLP at Royal Oak. Luke has made a significant positive impact on our Residents at Royal Oak, particularly during the “Covid Era” and the aftermath that followed. Luke recognized very quickly how our residents were adversely impacted by the scarcity of visitors and the disruption of socialization and religious observance opportunities. Also the Music Director at St. Joseph’s Church in Strongsville, Luke appreciated the importance of Communion to our Residents, then took it upon himself, every month, to bring Communion to our Residents. As Residents passed away, Luke recognized the absence of opportunity for our Residents to grieve and say goodbye to “their roommate, tablemate, or bingo partner”.  Luke implemented a Memorial Service Program for our residents to celebrate their lives and mourn the loss of their friends, which included Luke playing the piano, and praying, He opened the floor for our Residents to voice memories, stories, & fond reflections. Enter the Christmas Holiday season… Once again, Luke appreciated the importance and absence of Family & Friends during the Holidays. No formal arrangements were made, but what he did was nothing short of magical.  At various times throughout the days, Luke would spontaneously sit at the piano, located in the dining room which is centrally located in the facility, and play Christmas music in the dim lights and glow of the decorated Christmas Trees… Residents would gather (6 feet apart, of course). Some would sing, some would sit and listen, but all enjoyed these moments that took our Residents to a special place called “Home”.   Luke often brings in clothing, favorite food “treats”, and basic supplies to say, “We care about you and WE are your family as well… we are glad you are here”. Luke is the first responder to help our Seniors learn how to manage a new cell phone or set up Facebook accounts to keep in touch with their loved ones. These acts of kindness and compassion are performed without fanfare and without boisterous self-accolades… Luke’s beauty lies deep within, emanating, in some way, to all who enter Royal Oak.  Luke represents the ”Aspen Way” on every level. We are truly blessed to have Luke as part of our Royal Oak Team, and Our Aspen Family. Thank You, Luke.



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