Space Qualified Components
             Special Focus

Full Range of Space RF Components

ATM (Advanced Technical Materials Inc.) offers a full range of Microwave RF Coaxial and Waveguide components, most of which can be used in space, military and aerospace systems that require high standards for quality and performance.  Indeed, ATM is one of the largest suppliers of these products for space flight, satellites and the aerospace industry.

ATM Space Market Products

Space Flight Components
  • Commerical / Military / Scientific.
  • Lightweight.
  • High Performance - Must Survive Vacuum, Temperature & Acceleration.
  • Long Life.
High Temp / Vacuum / Test Chamber Components
  • No Outgassing Materials and Coatings.
  • Water Cooled, Chill Plate Components.

Learn More About ATM

To learn more about ATM space qualified products, please check out our Space Quality Products presentation in PDF format.

SSL Recognises ATM's Superior Performance

ATM's attention to quality control and on time delivery has won them numerous awards from their customers, including SSL (formerly Loral);  In 2012, Space Systems Loral awarded ATM their supplier excellence award for their record of 100% on time delivery, with a quality rate of 99.6%.

In 2013, Space Systems Loral recognised their high quality and superior performance by granting ATM the prestigious honour of Self Certification Status.   Of the 300 SSL space systems suppliers, only 4 are Self-Certified.   ATM are extremely proud that they are one of them.

Commerical Space Components

ATM has provided space qualified waveguide components for a wide array of commercial satellites for telecommunication companies, broadband and multimedia companies, including Boeing, Airbus, MDA, Orbital and many others.

Scientific Satellite Components

ATM's waveguide components are also used in many scientific satellites and space systems, including NASA In-Sight Mars Lander, and LMCO system components.