Aspire Wire - JUNE 2019
What's Happening at MGH Aspire
  • MGH Aspire fall program schedules are now available. Applications received by June 30th will qualify for an early bird discount of $100.
  • To download an application, follow this link.
  • To view individual program schedules, see links below.
By Taylor Levesque, M.A.

At MGH Aspire, we encourage our participants to develop self-awareness through self-reflection. Strengths and challenges, interests and preferences, likes and dislikes are just a few of the many components that make up one’s self-identity. Here are some strategies to use when supporting your child to develop a healthy relationship with self-reflection. To read more, follow this link.
MGH Aspire's child programs offer children and young adolescents a variety of opportunities to develop and practice key skills in naturalistic childhood contexts. Our goal is to help children better understand themselves and others through our "3S" model: self-awareness, stress management, and social competency. Applications for fall child programs must be submitted by Saturday, August 31st. To view the fall schedule, click here.
Teen and adult groups focus on teaching ways of thinking and being social, life skills, relationship and friendship development as well as stress management and self-awareness. Participants practice skills and begin to see themselves as part of a community of learners. The groups are structured around interest-based activities, supportive discussions, social coaching, direct instruction and community outings. Applications for fall teen & adult programs must be submitted by Saturday, August 31st. To view the fall schedule, click here.
Our internship program carefully matches you and your needs with trained employers who are working to develop their talent. We support employers in understanding how to work with you, while helping you solidify the skills that will make you the best fit for them. Find a placement that will help you gain experience matched your skill set. Internship schedule and location will vary by placement. A pplications for MGH Aspire Works must be submitted by Friday, August 23rd. To view the fall schedule, click here .
MGH Aspire teen participants attended our second annual Spring Dance and Casino Night on Friday, May 17th. This unique evening included casino games, crafts, dancing, delicious food and lots of fun. Thank you to those who joined with us. Click here to see photos from this great event.
The Lurie Center for Autism is actively seeking participants for the following research studies. For additional information about study requirements and study procedures, please contact the Lurie Center research staff at 781-860-1711 or .

The aV1ation Study – Enrolling children ages 5 to 17 years diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This study will determine the safety of an investigational medication, and its effectiveness in improving social behavior and communication. To read more about this study, click here.

Parent Crisis Prevention Institute (P-CPI) Training Study – Enrolling parents of children ages 5-12 years who are seen as patients at the Lurie Center for Autism. This study will test to see if CPI Training, a verbal and physical management training for aggressive and other challenging behaviors, can help improve parental stress and quality of life. To read more about this study, click here.

Sidekicks  – Enrolling children ages 6 to 11 years 6 months, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This study will determine the success rate of Affinities Therapy, a therapy model using the Sidekicks mobile application for children with ASD. To read more about this study, click here .