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 November 2018

Welcome to the Aspired family! 

Formerly known as Grandbrier, Pathway to Living believed so much in the community that it went from its operator and manager to proud owner. The same great team is in place and here to stay, uplifting lives by delivering the award-winning VIVA! lifestyle.

708 N. Elmhurst Road * Prospect Heights, IL 60070 | 847-243-6920

EPIC Sock Hop

Varsity volleyball players traded their uniforms for pink poodle skirts when the Bolingbrook High School team visited Aspired Living of Westmont to boogie with assisted living and memory care residents. Everyone had a blast dancing to the live music of Erick Lucky!       




Aspire to  Wellness!  

A strong and healthy lifestyle is supported at both Aspired Living of Westmont and Prospect Heights.

Both community gyms feature HUR strength training equipment, which is specially designed for older adults. With this easy-to-use equipment, residents simply swipe a wristband and the machine loads their personal preferences for strength training, seat and handlebar positions and resistance levels. 

A personal trainer at Aspired Living of Westmont is available for hire to help jump start a new fitness routine or rev up an existing one. The trainer creates exercise plans to meet each resident's individual goals and provides the guidance and motivation needed to achieve them. 

Look Who is Minding the Store!

Aspired Living of Westmont's pop-up Memory Support store provides a whole lot more than convenience. Run by A Knew Day residents, it affords people living with dementia the ability to exert their independence and to have choice on they spend their money. 

Each resident is assigned a job that brings them purpose and identity. Friday is payday with A Knew Day currency, and residents are free to spend this "money" in the store. They enjoy shopping A Knew Day way!  


Ask #PathwayPeople

Memory Care Manager Bianca Miller from Heartis Village of Orland Park gives good advice about what to look for when searching for a memory care community in the video. 


Breast Cancer Support
is a Click Away

Dealing with breast cancer is difficult at any age but being diagnosed at an older age comes with its own special set of concerns. Senior women often don't have the same network of support as they did when they were younger.  Yet, the power of support can make treatment more successful and certainly more manageable. 

Learn why and how to access online breast cancer support in our blog. 

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