NVAR is aware that as part of the BrightMLS development process to create an improved user experience, you may have encountered performance issues over the past several days. 

NVAR has been working collaboratively with our neighboring associations PWAR, FAAR, DAAR and GPAAR, all of whom are currently experiencing the same situation. All of us have been in ongoing contact with BrightMLS’ CEO, Tom Phillips, and we want to assure our members that we are actively working together towards a speedy resolution on your behalf.

Please feel confident that ultimately these upgrades are intended to strengthen the user experience and will result in a simplified and more innovative MLS system that will benefit your business.

NVAR will continue to communicate on a daily basis with BrightMLS and share information with you as it becomes available. We encourage you to connect with BrightMLS on social media to receive the latest updates. Also, you may contact BrightMLS directly:

Toll Free: 1-844-55-BRIGHT (1-844-552-7444)


Ryan T. Conrad