Assemblyman Robert Auth
New Jersey General Assembly - 39th District

Financial Institution and Insurance
Commerce and Economic Development
Labor Committee
Dear Neighbor,
It has been my honor and privilege to serve the people of New Jersey’s 39th Legislative District for a third term in the General Assembly. It is no secret that in standing up for the wage earners and taxpayers of New Jersey, my like-minded colleagues and I face an uphill battle.
Still, since I came to this job five years ago with big dreams, you have all made it a pleasure to do the work! Not a day goes by when I don’t hear constituents express their thanks at what I am trying to do for our communities. I have always said the best part about my job is the people I get to serve. Serving the community and trying to keep our wonderful state affordable is what we need in Trenton.     
This past session was very difficult. With the Senate and General Assembly controlled by the radical opposition, we had to fight our hardest to ensure our communities were not left out in the cold. Despite being on the defensive, we managed to accomplish quite a few goals! Although our agenda could not be pushed as heavily as wanted, I keep fighting for a fiscally responsible New Jersey that puts us taxpayers before big spending politicians. 
T o allow workers to have increased control over their own paychecks, I introduced a bill entitled “New Jersey Right to Work Act,” which enables workers to join our worthy unions seeking fairness, but to make sure no one is forced to join a union against one’s will. We were barely able to stop the Millionaires Tax from crippling our state’s economy. The fight to make sure people can become successful in New Jersey and stay in New Jersey will go on as it is only a matter of time before the redistributionist far left tries again.
Many of our communities have been targeted by Governor Murphy’s school funding formula. Our localities have been hit by some of the harshest cuts to their school funding, forcing us to scramble to recover the money overnight. As your Assemblyman, I will not stand for this. I have fought against the unfair formula this session and plan to fight against all plans that damage our communities.
So although the opposition killed many deserving bills, I continue to strive to work across the aisle, because the opponents are continually influenced by our positive ideas. Still I hold to my abiding principles to fight for a financially responsible State that puts New Jerseyans first.
For the upcoming session, I have established priorities focused on helping the hard-working people of the District who continue to suffer from high property taxes and insane regulations. It is time that New Jersey becomes a business-friendly state. We can create a New Jersey that works for the Upper, Middle and Lower Class people equally. The system is broken, and needs to change. For too long, small businesses have found it increasingly hard to create local jobs due to the very high cost of our big government that persists in overregulation and nepotism. At the same time, money is being taken from our schools to fund school systems in places such as Hoboken.
The need to stand up for ourselves is now, and in this next session it is what I intend to do on our behalf. Although the challenges we face are daunting, you have motivated me to face the problems head-on. 
As a state, we need to turn back to our motto “Liberty and Prosperity” that our forefathers established. Working to free ourselves from overregulation and government overreach, while returning the focus to accountability to the taxpayers, we can regain both Liberty and Prosperity. I look forward to continue to champion these efforts on your behalf, with your good counsel. We are a great state in need of greater leaders. If may I leave you with one proverb today, it is to “ Be strong and courageous ” (Deuteronomy 31:6).


Assemblyman Robert J. Auth
Promoting Business

A hearty thank you to Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi of Japan and his staff for taking the time to visit several communities in New Jersey’s 39th District this July. Our mutual interest in promoting business and prosperity between our countries defines our commonality. The Ambassador is an asset to the country he serves and a good friend to the United States, New Jersey, and myself.
Meetings with Ambassador Kanji Yamaouchi, the counsel-general of Japan in New York, and his staff in Montvale and Wanaque.
2019 LD39 Interns on the move
63rd Biennial CRNC Convention
LD39 Intern Anthony Miragliotta, second from left.
New Jersey was well represented at the National Convention of College Republicans July 11 - 14 in Washington, DC.

LD39 Intern Anthony Miragliotta and eight other members of the New Jersey College Republicans were joined by hundreds of CR’s from across the United States to hear from members of Congress, including, Denver Riggleman, Bradley Byrne, Jody Hice, and New Jersey’s very own Chris Smith! Delegates also met John Pence, nephew of Vice President Mike Pence, and Senior Advisor to Donald Trump.

It was an experience Anthony will not forget!
LD39 Interns visit Joe Piscopo AM970
Interns Julianna Lee and Ryan Weist joined Assemblyman Auth at 9:20am on July 16th in NYC for a live, on air discussion of various NJ Legislative news with Joe Piscopo.
Assemblyman Auth strives to give interns a broad overview of every aspect of representing the good people of NJ's 39th Legislative District. From researching proposed bills, attending committee hearings and voting sessions at our State house in Trenton, or meeting with constituents, the next generation of lawmakers are getting some valuable experience this summer.
Tune in to AM970 some morning or find the podcast with these links: 
Senator Cardinale and Assemblyman Auth appreciate the Capstone Projects of Demarest HS students.
Commending Student Achievements

The end of the school year is always full of terrific events celebrating the talents of our students. I was honored and humbled to mark some of these events in our district with Commendations to students for both their academic and athletic achievements. I had the pleasure to meet some great students and thank the parents and educators for their part in preparing the classes of 2019 for whatever the future holds in store!
Over 100 Commendations were presented to athletes at the Northern Valley Regional High School Old Tappan, marking their achievements during the 2018-2019 session.
Mayor Kramer and Councilman Carnazza were on hand to mark the achievements of their student athletes at NVHS at Old Tappan.
Spotlight on Park Ridge
Park Ridge Station on the Pascack Valley Line
Most of the area that composes the borough was settled by Dutch and Scottish people in the 18th century. The area that is now called Park Ridge was created from portions of Washington Township in the year 1894.
In 1904, a hydroelectric dam was completed on the Pascack Brook to service local energy needs. Although the town has since moved on from using the dam, it is still one of only nine municipalities in New Jersey that provides utilities to its residents, independent of any other company! Another boost to the town’s growth was the train station. Having a public transportation line made the town more economically viable, and a prime location for new business opportunities!
By the 1980’s its two elementary schools and the high school were filled with new students! Although a regional school district had been founded, Park Ridge refused to join. Instead it maintained its own high school, which still operates.
Park Ridge went from a rural town with no name recognition, to one of the most successful suburbs in New Jersey because pioneering individuals worked and made it something great!
Pepe's Corner

Most people know not to feed their dogs chocolate. This is absolutely correct, as chocolate can cause major cardiovascular issues in dogs. However, there are plenty of summertime treats, that should never be fed to dogs! Here is a helpful list of a few things that dogs should never consume.

Alcohol: Can cause intoxication, coma and death.
Avocado: Contains Persin, which can cause major diarrhea.
Caffeine: Can cause heart issues and diarrhea.
Cooked Bones: Can cause severe stomach laceration.
Dairy: Excessive amounts can cause diarrhea.
Fatty Foods: Excessive amounts can cause pancreatitis.
Grapes: Can cause kidney failure.
Medication (over the counter): Can cause kidney failure.
Mushrooms (some types): Can cause shock death.
Onions: Can cause blood cell damage.
Walnuts: Can cause muscle and nervous system damage.
Xylitol (gum, candy, etc.): Can cause liver failure and death.

If you suspect your dog ate something dangerous, please call your local veterinarian or:
ASPCA Poison Control Hotline: (888)-426-4435
National Pet Poison Helpline (800)-213-6680

First Lady Mahler's Summer Blueberry Salad
Beat together cream cheese, sour cream and sugar. S pread over salad.
 Top with crushed walnuts (or pecans) and blueberries.
A favorite of Wanaque's pot luck suppers:

6 oz. package raspberry Jello
2 cups boiling water
1 can blueberry pie filling
1 small can crushed pineapple with juice
8 oz. softened cream cheese
8 oz. sour cream
¼ cup sugar
½ to ¾ cups fresh blueberries

  1. Dissolve Jello in water. 
  2. Add pie filling, pineapple with juice and stir. 
  3. Pour into a 9 x 13 glass dish. 
  4. Set 3-4 hours in refrigerator after cooling. 
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