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Assemblyman Ira Hansen Issues Letter to LDS Community Urging Them Reject Assemblyman Paul Anderson

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This is our fearless leader Assemblyman Paul Anderson, the Majority leader of our Republican party. He killed Campus Carry, killed Constitutional Carry, Killed Election audits, Killed police bodycams with accountability, killed the water rights bills proposed by the ranchers, and pushed through the largest increase in taxes in the history of our state. We were ONE legislator short of overthrowing him. Let's make Steve W. Sanson the one who takes him out and gives us back our state.

Endorsed By:

Michael J. McDonald 
Nevada State Party Chairman,

Jim Gibbons
Combat Veteran and former conservative Nevada Governor,  
Aumua Amata Radewagen

United States Congresswoman representing American Samoa,

Mark Shaffer
founder/owner of MYVegas magazine,  

Rowena Krifaton
founder of the Shine Family Foundation, 

Gia Rose Massa 
founder of Paws on the Patio,

Reed Chambers II
State Administrative Judge (Ret.),

Roger Tobler
Mayor of Boulder City,

Christie Selig
Nevada Business woman,

Carole Turner 
former Deputy Director for the Nevada Office of Veterans Services,

Jim Jonas
former Clark County Republican Party Executive Board Member,

Jason Brooks
Iraqi war combat veteran and US Marine,

Andre Lagomarsino 
Nevada Civil Rights Attorney,
James Mitchell Jr.
Independent Candidate for US President,

Andre Haynes
founder of EMG,

Shelly Shelton
Nevada State Assemblywoman,

Ron Q. Quilang
owner Ron Q. Foundation,

Ken Pollock
retired Clark County District Court Judge, 

Robert Lueck 
retired Clark County District Court Judge Family Division

Brian Clark
Nevada Attorney,

Jason Stoffel
Nevada Attorney,

Craig W. Drummond
Nevada Attorney, U.S.
Army Iraq Veteran,

Melanie L. Thomas
Nevada Attorney,

Brent A. Jones
Nevada State Assemblyman,

John Moore
Nevada State Assemblyman,

Cindy Lake
former Clark County Republican Party Chairwoman,

Ira Hanson
Nevada State Assemblyman,

Bob Beers
Las Vegas City Councilman,

Lynn S. Kahn
United States Independent
Presidential candidate,

Kenneth Wegner
former Republican
candidate for US Congress,

Paul S. Padda
Nevada Attorney,

Tom "Ghost" Martin
President of the Las Vegas Nevada Chapter Marine Riders/owner of the Leatherneck Bar & Grill,

Las Vegas Nevada Chapter Motorcycle Club.

Republican Assemblyman for District 13 Paul Anderson and his wife personally supports anti second amendment Marilyn Kirkpatrick for Clark County Commissioner over her Republican Challengers

Paid for by Steve Sanson Campaign

Steve Sanson Campaign
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas NV 89126
702 283 8088

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