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In the field of education, there is a growing consensus around the importance of habits, skills, and dispositions for deeper learning - in addition to content knowledge. Effectively teaching and assessing indicators  such as persistence, communication, collaboration, and self-direction must play a significant role in the learning process, particularly for high-need students. Many New England schools have recognized the imperative to integrate skills and dispositions into the school culture and curriculum. Here at CCE, we actively think about how students engage with the world and incorporate non-cognitive skills into our program models, including Quality Performance Assessment and the MA Personalized Learning Network. To learn more about this important topic, I invite you to attend our upcoming webinar,  Assessing Habits, Skills, and Dispositions for Student Learning: A Method.

Dan French
Executive Director
Upcoming Webinar
Assessing Habits, Skills, and Dispositions for Student Learning: A Method
Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 3:30 - 4:30 pm EDT

The need for schools to
 instruct and assess critical habits ,skills, and dispositions is stronger now than ever. But how do you assess qualities like "Collaboration" or "Creativity"? Founded in CCE's research-based  Quality Performance Assessment  model, this webinar presents a set of protocols, tools, and methods for developing performance assessments that are tightly aligned to the essential habits and dispositions - including creativity, collaboration, communication, and self-direction. Attendees will receive copies of all webinar resources and materials.

Thought Leadership
NASSP Conference Presentation
In February, CCE Senior Associate Michael Brownstein,
along with the principals from The Green School in Rhode Island and Souhegan High School in New Hampshire, presented at the National Association of Secondary School Principals' 100th annual conference. The presentation - Measuring What Matters: Designing Performance Assessments that Promote Student Success - highlighted how CCE successfully partnered with both schools to translate state educational policy in support of effective instruction, assessment, and meaningful learning for students and staff. 
Quality Performance Assessment Summer Institute
July 18-21, 2016 at Simmons College, Boston, MA

We are excited to announce our 6th annual Quality Performance Assessment Summer Institute! At this four-day, collaborative workshop, our highly-trained staff work with educators to develop their assessment literacy and build their capacity to implement performance assessments of high technical quality in their schools and classrooms, across all grades and disciplines.
Watch this brief promo video to learn more about the Summer Institute experience -offering educators the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to take the lead in the performance assessment movement!
QPA Summer Institute Promo
QPA Summer Institute Promo

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation and the Great Schools Partnership are inviting New England public school districts to submit a letter of interest for a community-engagement grant opportunity. If selected, districts will receive up to three years of grant funding and technical assistance to help local school, student, family, and community leaders engage stakeholder groups in support of stronger public schools. Letters of interest are due by March 15, 2016. Click here to learn more.
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"Noncognitive factors-grit, tenacity, and perseverance-these factors are essential to an individual's capacity to strive for and succeed at long-term and higher-order goals, and to persist in the face of the array of challenges and obstacles encountered throughout schooling and life." 

 U.S. Department of Education, 2013 

Learn more about Summer Institute!

Watch a video of our recent QPA Summer Institute Info Session.  
Hear more from our QPA staff about the value of performance assessments and how attending Summer Institute can benefit you, your school, and your students.