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Assign the Topic Selection Wizard
Students love the  Topic Selection Wizard for helping them find awesome science projects that they might not discover on their own. Our Topic Selection Wizard tool matches students with projects they may enjoy based on their answers to a series of multiple-choice questions about their interests. With Google Classroom Integration, teachers can turn project finding into a Google Classroom assignment. Plus, after students complete the Topic Selection Wizard, teachers can see the projects recommended for each student! Our guided walkthrough shows you how to use Google Classroom Integration to assign the Topic Selection Wizard.

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If your school uses Google Classroom, we encourage you to try  Science Buddies' Google Classroom IntegrationFor other suggestions about using Science Buddies with Google Classroom, see our science reading  walkthrough. For more information, see our FAQ.
Project Display Board Resource
Project Display Board Guide Guide
Take the mystery out of the Project Display Board requirement! Our  Project Display Board resources help students understand what belongs on the board and how to approach the process so that they can build their boards section by section without waiting until the last minute!

Science Buddies' Project Display Board guide is supported by Elmer's® Products, Inc.

Talking about Cyberbullying
Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying
A new website and downloadable guide from Norton (by Symantec) helps parents and teachers better understand cyberbullying. Citing statistics that suggest most students who are cyberbullied will not seek help, the educational guide encourages parents to talk about cyberbullying with their students and be aware of signs and forms of online bullying.

Support for resources that promote online safety and well-being for students is provided by Symantec. 
Science Buddies Resources for K-12 Science
Compare Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process
Comparing the Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method
Both the Scientific Method and the Engineering Design Process can be broken down into a series of steps. Our comparison chart helps you talk with students about the differences and similarities in these approaches.
New VR Project Ideas_
New Virtual Reality Projects at Science Buddies
Development of resources to support student exploration of science and technology related to Virtual Reality is supported by the Best Buy Foundation.
Science Activities
Baking Soda Bubbles and the Science of Sour
Use baking soda to find out whether or not a food is sour in this "bubbly" kitchen chemistry activity.

Gas and the Size of a Marshmallow
How can you make marshmallows expand and contract? Explore laws of chemistry that can be observed by experimenting with the air surrounding a marshmallow!

Science Project Kits in the Science Buddies Store
Microbial Fuel Cell Kit Microbial Fuel Cell Kit
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