Assistance League of Charlotte Awards 2020 Mecklenburg County Teen Court Recognition Scholarships

For a long time, the Teen Court Committee envisioned a special recognition for our volunteer teens who have distinguished themselves as jurors and attorneys in the courtrooms. Many have served five, six or seven years. These teens are awesome ambassadors for Assistance League as they assist the community by reducing juvenile crime among their peers.  

The Assistance League of Charlotte Mecklenburg County Teen Court Scholarships were first awarded in 2019 to these teens who embody our mission of “Teens Helping Teens." Assistance League is proud to introduce and honor the recipients of the 2020 scholarships.
"While serving with the Mecklenburg County Teen Court program continues to motivate me to make a difference in the lives of its participants, it is also an activity that continues to be a game changer in my own growth as a person, leader, and future professional."
"The inspiring efforts of the Teen Court program to uplift teens who made a simple mistake or were in dire needs emulates the ideas of the Beloved Community."
"Teen Court has given me everything I didn’t know I needed – an experience, an education, and an opportunity to evolve.”
“My experience at MCTC isn’t just words or community service hours but an opportunity to contribute time into helping others and making a difference in my community and society.”
"My (high school) counselor elected me to represent my school at a Mental Health Awareness seminar; ...With (a recent defendant) wedged in my mind, I spent my Christmas break drafting an application for a $500 grant, that I was later awarded to use as the foundation for my school's first mental-health centered club."
"I realized that we often just can’t see how someone feels or what they’re going through. I resolved to never judge someone again, especially not having heard the whole story. This experience in Teen Court enabled me to become a more compassionate and perceptive person."
“I’ve always thought of myself as a compassionate person, but part of being compassionate is growing close enough to someone to truly understand the choices they may or may not make without making judgments beforehand. I am so grateful and so humbled to have been able to be part of the Teen Court Program during my last two years of high school."
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