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LTAP's Paul Albritton makes a point at work zone safety workshop in Webster City.
For more than three decades, an Iowa State University program has helped improve Iowa's roadway transportation system with technical and management support for local governments.
The Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP, prounounced "L-Tap") provides the state's county and city road personnel with the skills and knowledge to enable Iowans to travel safely and efficiently year-round. LTAP has a lengthy list of programs, services, and resources including workshops, safety consultation, training materials, and professional development opportunities.
Iowa LTAP offers many programs that otherwise might not be available to the state's road maintenance workers, county engineers, and other staff. The programs help them stay current with best practices and innovations in their fields, and their expertise improves the movement of people and goods throughout the state. 
"We work to improve the quality, safety, and sustainability of the surface transportation system in Iowa," says Keith Knapp, Iowa LTAP director. "We provide quality training events and technical transportation-related information that are beneficial to the daily operations of local transportation agencies."
Iowa LTAP staff organize workshops on topics like bridge inspection, work zones, and motor grader operation, and they annually assist local groups with continuing education opportunities. They also offer professional development programs including the Public Employees Leadership Institute, which assists transportation and other public works employees preparing for management and leadership positions.
Safety is at the foundation of Iowa LTAP. The new Statewide Multi-Disciplinary Safety Team program is a coordinated effort among the Iowa LTAP, Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), and Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau to facilitate collaboration with Iowa's regional safety teams. In addition, two Iowa LTAP positions are dedicated to saving lives of both local transportation workers and the traveling public. The Safety Liaison helps Iowa cities and counties identify and implement data-driven safety improvements. The Safety Circuit Rider presents workshops throughout the state and advises local agencies.
"We strive to enhance the quality of life for all Iowans," Knapp says.
Iowa LTAP is part of the national LTAP network and is managed through Iowa State University's Institute for Transportation under an annual contract administered by the Iowa DOT.
Did you know? Since January 2016, local transportation workers from 98 of Iowa's 99 counties have participated in at least one LTAP-affiliated program or event.  
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