Valley United  Association Race 

June 2nd, 2022

Greetings {First Name},

Congrats to all of you that competed this weekend. Valley United did awesome, We are back! Most of you hit the qualifying times, and should be hearing from you coaches about relays! The standards are in the link below.

For now it is very important that you go on the web site and pay for the Regional race, so that I I know you are going to continue the season.  I will then sign you up for your events. It will take a little time for today's meet to be uploaded to There is no practice tomorrow, this weeks schedule is below. Remember all relay athletes must be at practice on Thursday. 


I would like to thank Poppy, and all of our parent helpers for making sure you all got your bibs,! We are all volunteers so please be kind to our administration parents taking on this extra duty!! 

Qualifying Standard:


The registration closes MONDAY and there is no late registration !! The fee form is now available on our website under the fee tab. This is a very short window to get this in, so we need all of you to take care of this by Tomorrow at 3:00pm ALSO MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM AND FACILTY FEE IS PAID IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT YET!!

See the flyer below for the Association schedule! 

Team Communication

Association Meet 

This will be a 3 day meet again, at Warren High School in Downey Please click on the flyer to see the days your events will be on! We hope it will go as smooth as the meet this weekend!  

Association Meet Flyer

Team Volunteers needed ! 

We like to have ice chest, water, Gatorade, nutritious bars, fruit snakes, bread peanut butter & jelly, cut up fruit to make sure we have plenty of snacks for the athletes. This is not meant to be a meal just enough to help for the athletes only!! . Please do plan to bring our buy your own food at the meet Here is a list by age group to bring Please talk to other parents to co-ordinate with your age group tonight so that your item gets covered we also need a table for the food at the warm up tents I will have it at practice tonight for someone to take 

7/8-girls case of water 

7/8 - boys Gatorade

9/10 -girls - loafs of bread/ crackers 

9/10 -boys - 2 coolers with ice 

11/12 -girls - Peanut butter or Jelly 

11/12 -boy - bars/ fruit snacks 

13/14 -15/16 - girls cut up fresh fruit 

13/14-15-16 - boys snack items. ie.. pretzels or finger items 


Practice Schedule Week of Jun 8th 

Monday - no practice 

Tuesday -6:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Simi Valley High- 

Wednesday 6:00 pm-8:00 pm - Burbank High School 

Thursday - 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm - Simi Valley High - Relay day!!!

Thank you!!
V.U. Administration