Resources for community associations & professionals who serve them
Circulation (6 times per year):
New Jersey boards, managers and industry leaders….3000 per issue
New York boards, managers and industry leaders….1000 per issue
Pennsylvania boards, managers and industry leaders….2000 per issue

6 time insertions on ads include directory listing.
Pricing (six rate rate):
1/4 page...$150 (NJ/PA)
1/2 page...$300 (NJ/PA)
Full page...$500 (NJ/PA)

1/4 page...$189 (NY)
1/2 page...$378 (NY)
Full page...$500 (NY)
Pricing (one time rate):
1/4 page...$200 (NJ/NY/PA)
1/2 page...$400 (NJ/NY/PA)
Full page...$550 (NJ/NY/PA)

Pricing per issue - per publication
Directory listing only…$300 for 6 issues ($50 per issue)
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