REV. FR. DEAN KOULDUKIS, Protopresbyter

July 14, 2021 - e-Bulletin Issue #351 -
THURSDAY, June 15th
Virtual Strategic Planning Team Meeting: 6:30 pm

SATURDAY, July 17th
Matins: 8:45 am ~ Divine Liturgy: 10:00 am

SUNDAY, July 18th
Matins: 8:45 am ~ Divine Liturgy: 10:00 am
Trisagion: Peter Evans, Jr. (40 days)

MONDAY, July 20th
Matins: 8:45 am ~ Divine Liturgy: 10:00 am

SATURDAY, July 24th
Small Compline: 4:00 pm

SUNDAY, July 25th
Matins: 8:45 am ~ Divine Liturgy: 10:00 am

As you may be aware, Governor Inslee recently lifted our state’s COVID restrictions. For our parish, this means the following:
  • There will no longer be attendance restrictions on sacraments, hence, a reservation will no longer be required to attend services.
  • We will no longer be keeping a list of attendance for the purposes of contact tracing.
  • There will be no physical distancing while attending services.
  • We can again begin to venerate icons by kissing them.
  • It is now possible to host Fellowship hour (either indoors or outdoors).
  • Parishioners in different households may chant together in a group.
  • The restrictions concerning the number of parishioners, together with our youth, serving in the altar will be lifted beginning August 1st.
  • For those fully vaccinated, face coverings are not required, however you may continue to wear face coverings while in Church even if you are vaccinated.
  • For those not fully vaccinated, it is strongly recommended that face coverings continue to be worn while on Church property.
  • As per His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos’ encyclical, we will not ask the vaccination status of any parishioner.
We will continue to utilize our online stream to broadcast our services.
Please remember, the COVID pandemic is not over. If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, or are ill, please stay home and participate via our on-line stream. 
We thank our Parish Council team, Penny Peppes and Dr. Lea Liviakis for working with us throughout these past fifteen months as this team helped to make possible the services that were offered and provided the appropriate guidelines to keep us safe.
If you have any questions regarding this guidance, please feel free to give us a call in the Parish office at (206) 323-8557.
We are almost there!  As of July 14th, 211 pledges have been received for a value of $389,853. We are only $147 from our $390,000 goal! The median annual pledge is $750, which is an increase from last year's $500. Keep in mind that in 2020 there were 247 registered stewards which means there are at least 36 more possible stewards in our community. It is never too late!. With your support, the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption continues to sanctify us through the Sacraments and provide wonderful ministries that truly make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

While your gift makes all of this possible, Christian stewardship is much more than financial support ot the Church. It is a means by which you become closer to God by giving back a portion of His blessings in order to do His work.

If you do not see your name listed in the July monthly bulletin, it may be because you have not filled out a 2021 Stewardship pledge form or have not let us know what you plan to pledge for the 2021 year. Please complete this process as it helps us in the administration of our beloved parish.

Below is the Acolyte Schedule for July. For those of you serving, please place the dates on your family calendar as it’s not always possible to send reminder texts. Even though all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we ask that you continue to follow the below acolyte schedule. Any adjustments to the acolyte schedule reflecting changes in COVID-19 restrictions will begin in August. 
  • Sat., July 17th: Feast of St. Maria of Antioch: Manny Xenos and Nick Cosmakos
  • Sun., July 18th: Sunday of the Holy Fathers: Gus Mehas with Athan, Maximos and Vasilios
  • Sun., July 25th: 5th Sunday of St. Matthew: Cameron Mitchell with Christo, Elias and Stavros

Manny, Nick, please note your assignment is this Saturday.

Looking forward to serving with you this Summer. Please let me know if there are any questions. Finally, if you can’t serve when assigned, please send me (Fr. Dean) a text at (206) 818-0751. 

Thanks everyone for your gift of Time and Talents! 

+ Fr. Dean
Are you ready to Exclaim your faith? Then the Young Adult League (YAL) Conference over Labor Day Weekend 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona is where you need to be! This will be the third YAL Conference since 2019 hosted by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco and promises to bigger and better than ever!