The Importance of Value

by Doug Trageser, C.E.F
Southeast US Regional Sales Manager

The 19 th  century poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was famously quoted as saying, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” It’s been well over 100 years since this quote was published, but it certainly has remained relevant in today’s world.  However, it is a challenge for people to universally agree on what defines value. The word value has 11 definitions in Merriam Webster’s online dictionary. With so many definitions of a single word, it’s no wonder we are challenged to determine what true value is.

How do I define value?
In my position as a technical sales advisor, I am routinely challenged with opportunities to add value to our customers, suppliers and fellow team members. How does value look to me? It might be surprising to learn that value has very little to do with the price of a product. The simple fact is the free market will dictate whether the price of a product is out of line.

I have been fortunate in my career to have been mentored by experts in plating, powder coating, anodizing, black oxide and general metal finishing. The training I received over the years has prepared me well to advance my knowledge on to others, especially the younger generation that is coming into the industry. Mentoring others is something on which I place a high value