TECHNILLOY™ ZN NI 770 acid, zinc-nickel process has been introduced by Asterion. The process offers exceptional corrosion protection while delivering consistent and repeatable uniform surfaces.
Formulated to plate heat-treated, difficult-to-plate fasteners and other complex part geometries, TECHNILLOY ZN NI 770 features:

  • Uniform zinc-nickel distribution with high current density efficiency
  • Outstanding throwing power and coverage
  • Highly compatible with clear, black, and yellow trivalent passivates
  • Non-ammoniated process plates on steel, cast iron and sintered metal
  • Aesthetically pleasing bright finish versus traditional zinc-nickel processes
Suited for both rack and barrel operations, TECHNILLOY ZN NI 770 offers ease of operation and waste treatment.

Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion stated, “TECHNILLOY ZN NI 770 offers the reliability, superior corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness that is trusted by leading metal finishers.”
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