Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion, LLC was recently bestowed the distinction of Fellow by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF). The honor recognizes those NASF members that have made significant and lasting contributions through their leadership and dedicated service to the association and the surface finishing industry.

An industry veteran, Vandivier has been previously recognized by his peers, while earning the respect of his customers and competitors over a career that spans more than thirty years.

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Removing Sand Residue from Casted Parts: Cleaner Selection Is Critical

Jake Fisher, Technical Sales Engineer

Surface finishers are continually challenged with selecting the right cleaners to remove sand residue on casted parts. The main reason for this is that sand --- typically a silicon-based compound--- is insoluble in water, which causes the detergency of the cleaners to be lost.

Detergency is what allows the cleaners to pull soils into the solution and remove them from the part’s surface. The sand (or silicon) itself does not affect the detergency of the cleaner; it simply isn’t acted upon by it. With sand residue, good solution movement is critical, as you must rely on mechanical forces to remove the sand.

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