TECHNIBRITE™ Alkaline and Acid Zinc Systems Approved by Harley-Davidson
Asterion is pleased to announce that Harley-Davidson has approved TECHNIBRITE™ alkaline and acid zinc plating systems for providing optimum corrosion protection on the company’s legendary motorcycles. Specifically, the TECHNIBRITE systems have met the stringent specifications of Harley-Davidson’s “Zinc Plate and Seal per ESPEC 805-050,” and “Zinc Plate per ESPEC 805-051” for use on powertrain components.

The approved zinc plating systems include the use of TECHNIBRITE AZ 130 alkaline, non-cyanide zinc or TECHNIBRITE ZN 200 chloride acid zinc, followed by TECHNICOAT™ ZnBl 360 trivalent passivate. TECHNIGUARD™ F 108 sealant is employed to meet the ESPEC150 specification. The rigorous testing was completed at Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operation in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion said, “We are honored to have earned the trust of Harley-Davidson. The work by our sales and technical teams, in partnership with our valued distributor Hydrite Chemical Company, demonstrates our commitment to ‘combining high tech with high touch,’ to Harley-Davidson and all our customers to maximize product performance.”

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