E-Newsletter  |  May 2017
Boy using an asthma inhaler in the park
May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
San Joaquin Valley is home to some of the most polluted air in the United States, with San Joaquin County ranking 9th highest in the nation.   In the San Joaquin County 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment,   39% of survey respondents report that air pollution is a major environmental concern in their community. Additionally, 34.4% of children/y outh (ages 1-17) were diagnosed with asthma, compared to 14.5% statewide.  In particular, asthma disproportionately impacts non-Hispanic Blacks.  More info... 
San Joaquin County Making Great Strides in Breastfeeding Promotion!
Th e benefits of breastfeeding are well documented. They include bonding for babies and mothers, improved short- and long-term health outcomes, and economic benefits.  First 5 San Joaquin invests in a Breastfeeding Initiative that funds a Breastfeeding Coordinator to support hospitals to implement Baby-Friendly policies. Read more about the outcome of this great work in the latest  Newsletter and Fact Sheet.
Children & Youth Day at  Pixie Woods
Enjoy free admission at Pixie Woods! The First 5 San Joaquin sponsored 28th annual Children and Youth Day at Pixie Woods will take place this Saturday, May 20.  Children and Youth Day is designed to increase community awareness of services and opportunities available for children, and provides  hands-on activities, parenting information, and education and training opportunities.    Location:  Pixie Woods @ Louis Park @  11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. More info...
May 25, 2017:  Commission Meeting @ 8:00 AM
The First 5 San Joaquin Commission encourages and welcomes the participation of the public on matters related to the Commission's business.  This month's meeting will include a presentation on findings from an evaluation of the Home Visitation Initiative.   More info...

May 25, 2017:   Positive Guidance Training with Cathy Cole @ 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Spend an afternoon with Cathy Cole, Early Care and Education Consultant, and other early educators and child care providers as we learn together how to begin to use appropriate guidance to help children understand limits, make positive choices, and set inner self-controls. More info....

June 2, 2017:  Community Link Meeting @ 9:00 AM-10:30 AM
Community Links Resource Meetings are open to all professionals working in San Joaquin County with young children, and are held the first Friday of every month. This month's topic: Oral Health in the Medical Home.  More info...
June 9, 2017:  Fruit & Veggie Festival @ 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Join San Joaquin County Public Health Services's Annual Fruit and Veggie Fest!  The event features he althy recipe sampling, fun activities, and free health screenings.  More info...  

August 4, 2017:  Department of Child Support Services Block Party @ 10:00 AM-2:00 PM 
The Block Party is open to family and children focused agencies and businesses serving San Joaquin County, and  is designed to increase community awareness of Family/Children services.  More info...

ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPFirst 5 San Joaquin's Advisory Committee Currently, there are vacant seats on the Advisory Committee that First 5 is seeking to fill.  Membership is available to individuals will to help advise First 5 on matters related to:  1) Enhancing Early Learning, 2) Improving Child Health, and 3) Strengthening Family and Community Support and Partnership. 

FUNDING - Responsive Grants Program:  Up to $15,000 to support projects that improve health and well-being for people. Deadline: June 12, 2017.

EMPLOYMENT - Program Manager: Community Medical Centers is recruiting for a Program Manager position for the San Joaquin Treatment and Education for Everyone on Teeth and Health (SJ TEETH) program.

EMPLOYMENTNutrition Educator:  The Emergency Food is seeking to hire a part-time Nutrition Educator to work with the Mobile Farmers Market program. 

EMPLOYMENT - Mobile Farmers Market Assistant:  The Emergency Food is seeking to hire a part-time Mobile Farmers Market Assistant. 


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