Here are some of the stories behind the numbers!
In MOZAMBIQUE, ROYS Country Leader Iwell Phiri and his team are constantly training future church planters for their country. As they go into villages and tribes to speak about reaching the next generation for Jesus, they are also looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. Recently, they planted two churches, one with 110 members, and another one with 340 members. These churches are now pastored by the church planters that have been cultivated by Iwell’s team, and many of the church members in both congregations are people who were saved following youth leader training events in their community. 

In UGANDA, Country Leader Asher Kalema created JFYM sports teams who are going into every district preaching the Gospel, training leaders, and playing soccer. This is a specific evangelistic outgrowth of the "create outreach opportunities" focus that is taught in the JFYM Material. 

In MALAWI, Country Leader Billy Banda reported that 40 youth leaders were trained in Balaka. Approximately 75,000 children in Balaka have lost parents, mostly to the AIDS pandemic. These children have extra responsibilities to find basic needs for their lives. Many children have dropped out of school and some turned to theft and prostitution to survive. Some become victims of early marriages, teenage pregnancies and drug abuse. The picture below is a picture of hope…40 youth leaders learning how to care for, evangelize, and disciple the young people in their community.

In BOTSWANA, Country Leader Lawrence Kariuki shared that this quarter young people impacted by the teaching they received through JFYM reached out to 26 families in their community through food distribution. 
In DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, Country Leader Mwema Bertin reported that a volcanic eruption near his home of Goma, in the province of North Kivu killed at least 32, displaced over 400,000, and destroyed 3,600 homes. Through your generous financial contributions to Reach Out, Mwema and his team were able to provide food, water, medicine, and clothes to those in need.
In KENYA, Eagle Leader Isaac reconnected with Pastor Walter at the market. Pastor Walter was trained seven years ago in JFYM and still uses the material to disciple the youth at his church. What a blessing to see the multiplied ministry that has continued to occur from just one simple introduction of JFYM through a local forum.
In BURUNDI, ROYS Country Leader Gerard Cizungu reported that over 100 students made professions of faith at a recent youth evangelistic event at the BAGF Gatumba church.

Thank you for praying and financially partnering with us, as we work together with youth leaders in East Africa who desire to see the young people of Africa reached with the life-changing, eternity-securing Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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