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Randy, left, and Ray Abdallah have created a powerful pre-kitting tool using special baskets in combination with telemetry.
Astro Vending, a 2-route operation based in Laredo, Texas, has developed a novel basket that combined with telemetry creates a powerful pre-kitting tool. Working in partnership with Vendwatch Telematics, Randy Abdallah, Astro Vending's vice president, plans to use the basket to match deliveries with machine service requirements. The solution will reduce service visits, improve sales and boost profitability.

Randy's father, Ray Abdallah, developed the baskets to hold just enough products to fill snack trays. The baskets, pre-filled in the warehouse, make it easy to control the product once it leaves the warehouse. The driver returns the basket to the warehouse where it gets refilled for the next delivery.

The baskets hold five SKUs, each correlating to a machine spiral. There are six baskets per snack machine. O ne of the biggest benefits of the baskets is they reduce product handling.

The Vendwatch Telematics space-to-sales optimization tool will allow service to be scheduled based on machine need.
Coinco Guardian GLX Offers Lift-Out Cassette For Easy On-Site Loading 

Coinco Gardian GLX
The Guardian GLX lift-out cassette enables onsite loading.

The Guardian GLX from Coin Acceptors Inc. features a lift-out cassette that allows coins to be loaded quickly. The tubes snap in and out with no tools needed, allowing changes to be made onsite. 

The six self-replenishing tubes provide the highest change capacity.

The unit has a redesigned coin payout with single motor ratchet drive system. It offers improved tube coin sensing that extends payout capabilities.  The GLX has a keypad with LCD display that allows fast menu access.

deORO Markets
The deORO Markets kiosk offers several payment options.

deORO Markets has entered the expanding micro market industry with a system that includes flexible payment options for customers. A micro market is a self-contained store in a location without an employee to monitor it. It is comprised of freestanding storage, such as shelves that hold product, and a self-checkout kiosk. The customer scans their package at the checkout kiosk.

deORO Markets, based in Odessa, Texas, was started by vending operators. The system includes back-end software for monitoring customer activity and managing accounts. It also provides reports for managing inventory.

deORO provides proximity-based sensing for smartphone users, time stamps of all transactions, and motion-based camera recording to ensure security.

All data is stored locally and backed up by servers regularly, allowing the software to run without a constant Internet connection.

The deORO smartphone app relies on peer-to-peer local networking to engage users and allows the app to work with the kiosk without an Internet connection.

Support is available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Eastern Standard Time with after hours email support. 

Bunn Sure Immersion Features Vacuum System To Deliver Bean-To-Cup Coffee

Bunn Sure Immersion
The Bunn Sure Immersion provides accurate grind profiles.
The Bunn Sure Immersion brewer offers bean-to-cup coffee using a vacuum system with exclusive air infusion extraction control to deliver a balanced cup with a smooth finish.

Two independent grinders with precision burrs provide accurate grind profiles. 

Beverage selections include iced and hot options.

Each recipe has programmable air-infusion and immersion control.

Users can dispen se fresh coffee in five portion sizes, programmable from a 6-ounce cup to a 64-ounce carafe.

The unit features 5.75-inch to 8.25-inch cup clearance.

Two tinted 3-pound hoppers allow customers to view fresh whole beans.

A10-inch touchscreen can show promotional videos.  Large pictorial graphics suggest engaging drink selections.

There is optional remote monitoring support and  improved over-the-phone diagnosis and repair.
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