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My interest is always piqued when I hear of great success stories from evangelical ministries serving audiences that are literally captive. It is a common cynical clich� within prison culture to quip about "Jesus in the lobby" - that convicted felons say "Hello" to Jesus on the way in and "Goodbye" on the way out. Studies have concluded that there is little evidence after 3 years following release that regular attendance at Bible studies while inside has a measurable effect on recidivism[1].  

That is not to say, however, that Christian conversions within prison walls are not life-changing or even legitimate, as there are numerous sociological and mental health factors that contribute to re-offence. It simply raises the question of the long-term benefit to societal order of in-house Bible studies. It also demands an assessment as to what kind of mentoring and discipleship programs are available to the former-incarcerated. Our Columbia Street Project is intended to focus on such programs while offering life-skills training...

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[1] Johnson, Byron (June 2004). Religious Programs and Recidivism among Former Inmates in Prison Fellowship Programs. Justice Quarterly vol. 21, No 2. Pp329-254. Retrieved from

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Columbia Street Baptist Church is located in downtown Bangor, Maine.  Our mission is to share the resources of Christ in downtown Bangor and beyond! Check out our website,, to learn more about what's up in downtown Bangor. 
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Dr. Ron Sider Receives Coffin Award for Peace and Justice
Ron Sider
Dr. Ron Sider, a speaker at our recent Insight Conference, was recently awarded Yale University's William Sloane Coffin Award for Peace and Justice for his work in inspiring Christians to understand "the peace-and-justice dimensions of their biblical beliefs."

 "Ron Sider is known worldwide for providing leadership to the movement of evangelicals who recognize not just the spiritual, but also the social and political implications of a high view of Scripture. His book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger was lauded by Christianity Today as being among the top 100 books in religion in the 20th century and the seventh most influential book in the evangelical world in the last 50 years." [1]