UPDATE 4-18-2020
Family Resources  
As Children’s Paradise Preschool and Infant Centers sites remain open, the children attending are continuing their early learning journey through play, outdoor activity and time with teachers and friends. For those at home, we miss you so much! We wanted to provide you with some fun learning tools to continue your child’s early learning journey, as well. The last few weeks we have been working hard to find ways to continue to connect with you through various platforms. Below are some of the ways we can all stay connected.
Education Resource
Family Activities
  • Rainy Day Play booklet: A guide full of activities to do indoors! Perfect for this rainy week!
  • Talking is Learning (Spanish Only): Talking, Reading, Singing Family Activities to do at Home: learning while being sheltered in place. There is a hand washing song, an activity about creating a routine, imaginative play, finding a quiet moment and space to read, science in the kitchen, making music, and being a helper with household chores. 
  • Be Active at Home worksheet: Ideas on how to utilize household items to engage in active play.
  • Active Family Tip Sheets: 10 tips on how to stay active as a family!
  • Scarf Activities: A guide on how to use scarves for active play. Can use tissues or paper towels if scarves are unavailable!
Important Reminders
Activity Kits – 3 Years and Older
We have weekly activity kits for children ages 3 years and up. The kits will contain the materials to do the activity shown in our weekly Wednesday Circle time videos on Facebook.  Activity kits distribution will be available every Monday after 12:00 pm though a drive-up service. Please drive up to the center, call the Front Office and request a take-home kit. Do not come in the center.
The kit may contain small items and is not intended for children under the age of 3 years of age.
We are posting daily ideas, links, tips, virtual field trips, and activity videos from our staff and students! Plus, join us every Wednesday at 10:00am for Pre-K Circle Times.
We have put together some amazingly fun ideas for infants, toddlers, Pre-K and school-age! Check it out and be prepared to be inspired! 
Ready Rosie
Online videos and activities in both English and Spanish for infants thru Pre-K! Use the attached link to access Healthy at Home: A Toolkit for Supporting Families.  
Hot Topics
State grants are now available for low to no income and/or essential workers. The grant is to help families with the cost of child care payments. Please contact our centers and ask to speak to our EFS for help applying for this grant. Feel free to forward to friends and co-workers that may need financial support.
How to apply
Click on the "Request Assistance" button blow to start the application. For Spanish click “Solicitar Asistencia”. This application is a first come first serve . You will need the following information to complete the application:

  • Proof of Identification: state ID, Driver’s Lic. Or Student ID
  • Basic Information: Name, Address, Email, Phone Number
  • How many children do you have?
  • What is the age of your child(ren)?
  • Are you currently enrolled in any of these programs? (CDA, YMCA, Head Start, or None)
  • Are you an Essential Worker. (PLEASE keep in mind if the parent is working then they are an essential worker)
  • Are you currently working?
  • If you said YES to currently working it will ask for your employment information.
  • If you said NO to not currently working it will ask questions as to why not.
  • What is your most immediate need for this grant
  • If approved how would you like to receive the grant. (Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal) If you choose anything but check it will ask for information to direct deposit and paypal.
  • It will then ask for you annual income
Do you know about CalFresh benefits? How to qualify for CalFresh benefits? If you get CalFresh, you may get extra CalFresh benefits on your EBT card to help buy food during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in April and May.
You can navigate the online portal via computer or cell phone by logging into www.mybenefitscalwin.org . Please contact our centers if you need additional assistance.
Upcoming Event

April 24 th from 3:00 – 4:30 PM Faith Lutheran Food Distribution
Thank you for all the support!