Sharing the ideas of Ivymount professionals with our community, one week at a time....
During this unique time, Ivymount Outreach Programs would like to support families with easy to implement ideas for supplemental activities in the home across a variety of topics representing the areas of programming we provide, such as: recreation, social skills, executive function supports, fitness, behavioral management and parent education. While our onsite, face-to-face programs are temporarily suspended, we will provide this weekly newsletter with activity suggestions for our diverse community. We hope you find an idea that your family can implement this week and we would love to hear your feedback on the current ideas or suggestions for future ideas. As always, you can reach us by emailing
Ivymount Outreach Cookbook
Click on the cookbook image for our first collection of recipes that were created with participants in our Afterschool Cooking Club and Camp LOL cooking group. Meals, snacks, and desserts taste-tested and enjoyed by program participants. Time to "Get Cookin'!"
Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
Take a drive with your family and search for these common items out the window. Click here to print.

Variations on play include:
  • Play with a partner and see who can find the most items.
  • Try to get "Bingo" by finding items and marking them off in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
  • Give each item a point value and see how many points you can accrue. Make tally marks for duplicates of the same item and use multiplication and addition to add up your points.
Goal, Why, Plan, Do, Check
Goal, Why, Plan, Do, Check, or GWPDC, is a strategy from the Unstuck and OnTarget! curriculum that will help your child set goals, make realistic plans, increase independence, complete a multi-step task and be a more flexible problem solver. You can use this framework for any activity - academic, social, self-help. Best of all, your child will feel a great sense of pride when they have accomplished their goals!
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