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Issue 6
Upcoming May Saturday Events
Ivymount Outreach is excited to start offering online events on Saturdays in May to connect and provide fun activities for students and families. Each week in our newsletter we will provide information on the upcoming event.
Coming up first, this Saturday, May 2, our partner Music for Autism will be hosting another virtual concert. Times Square may be dark but CJ and Kasie keep the lights bright with their Broadway tunes! The concert will take place on Saturday at 2 pm.

Participants will receive a link to a private YouTube live stream one hour prior to the start of the concert.
Be sure to check back next week to find out the activity scheduled for Saturday, May 9th!
Validating your Child's Feelings
The Ivymount Mental Health Department stresses the importance of validating childrens' feelings, particularly during this difficult time. Validation is something we all crave and our students can especially feel like they are not understood, even by those who care for and love them the most. Validating your child’s feelings can be very effective in helping them to better understand their own array of emotions, feel better understood, and decrease problematic behavior in some instances. It also allows you to model patience and empathy for them during a difficult situation.

Click here for a list of steps parents can take to show your child that you are willing to take the time to understand what s/he is feeling in a non-judgmental way.

Work Out With the
Ivymount APE Team
Click on the video below for a new workout from the "At Home Exercise" series presented by the Ivymount Adapted Physical Education teachers. Click here to subscribe to the Ivymount YouTube channel to access all the workouts and other videos.
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