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Issue 3
Shaving Cream Marbling
Follow these easy steps to create a shaving cream marbling.
  1. First, gather the following supplies: food coloring, shaving cream, a stick, a scraper, paper and a cookie sheet
  2. Squirt some shaving cream onto the cookie sheet
  3. Add a few drops of 2 different colors of food coloring
  4. Mix with the stick (not too much or you'll end up with just one color)
  5. Place a piece of paper on top of the shaving cream
  6. Press down so that the shaving cream touches all edges of the paper
  7. Pull paper off
  8. Wipe or scrape off the excess

Click on the video below to watch Ivymount School and Outreach Programs Art teacher, Kim Prati, model the steps.
Catch 'Em Being Good

It is often easy to focus on the negative or undesirable actions of those around us, but it is important to catch people being good and displaying the actions we want to see more of. Celebrate these moments and be sure to praise the individual for his/her actions! Strive for 4 positive comments for every 1 corrective statement. Phrases like "Good job!" and "Nice work" or high-fives are a great place to start, but you can make your praise even more meaningful by labeling exactly what it was you appreciated or want to celebrate. Try comments like:
  • "I love how you said 'thank you' when I gave you the crayons"
  • "Great job being flexible when we were out of cookies and you chose a lollipop instead"
  • "I appreciate you playing quietly while I was on the phone"
  • "It made me so happy when you took out the trash"
Brain Break
While working from home we can all benefit from 5 minute "brain breaks". Complete these exercises brought to you by the Ivymount OT/PT Team to move your body and give your brain a break! Click here to download a copy
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