Week of March 17, 2020

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Dear WashU Student Community,

Our Hillel team is sad that the WashU student body won't be returning to campus for the remainder of the semester. We understand the University's decision to keep all of you safe and healthy and to show care and compassion for those who are vulnerable within our community and region.

We will miss seeing you at Shabbat dinners, Passover Seder and meals, and other programs; however, just as classes will go virtual, so will Hillel. During this period of uncertainty, your Hillel community will remain a constant. Pirkei Avot teaches al tifrosh min hatzibur - don't separate yourself from the community. In light of recent events, we may be separated by distance, but we will still have opportunities to come together.

In the coming days and weeks, there will be many ways for you and your friends to connect with your WashU Jewish community through interesting, relevant, and meaningful virtual content and programs. Please know the entire Hillel staff is always here for you - to chat, to be a resource, or to simply provide support during this challenging time.

IIn addition to the programs listed here, be on the lookout for additional curated digital content on our Instagram and and Facebook.

With love,

The WashU Hillel Staff
Jackie, Rabbi Jordan, Tony, Avery, Abby, Allison, Missy
Fear and Anxieties During a Pandemic:
Jewish Wisdom for Challenging Times

Tuesday, March 17 | 7pm CST |  Join HERE

In uncertain times, it's often helpful to turn to the wisdom of our tradition. Join Tony as he holds space to bring us together to share freely about our anxieties and fears as well as some tools and and managing techniques through the lens of our Jewish tradition.
Torah for Turbulent Times

Thursday, March 19 | 8:30pm CST | Join HERE
Our tradition has insights into the challenges of living through uncertain times.  Join Rabbi Jordan as we explore the insights of the Torah and our rabbis to gain perspective and understanding during the COVID-19 outbreak. 
Social Justice During Social Distance?

Wednesday, March 25 | 7:30pm CST | Join HERE

As our ability to join together is currently hindered, repairing the world has never seemed more important. Join Abby as we discuss ways to embody the values of Tikkun Olam during this time of social distancing. 
Yasss Queen:
Exploring Feminism from Purim to Pesach

Thursday, March 26 | 8:30pm CST | Join HERE

Are you passionate about feminism? Are you a fan of Jewish holidays? Do you love a good Torah study? If so, join us for a discussion about the powerful women from Exodus and the Book of Esther! After all, what better way to celebrate Purim and Passover than by celebrating the women who challenged social norms and went down in history as leaders and change-makers!  
Rabbi Jordan's "Office Hours"

Everyday | 11am - 2pm CST

Rabbi Jordan is having virtual office hours!  Make some cocoa and pull up a chair, and have a chat with the rabbi!  Bring a Jewish text, come with a question, take some time for an emtional debrief, or just say "hi!" Book a time with RJ by using clicking this link -->   rjg.youcanbook.me 
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