To celebrate the right to vote on a local level., many Wilton organizations have come together to create a series of images to honor the local women's suffragette movement. Moreover, the campaign is a reminder to exercise everyone's superpower -- the right to vote -- during Primary Day, August 11th and Election Day, November 3rd. I Voted digital stickers were created for those Wilton Women who fought for equality in the late 1800s/early 1900s -- Grace Knight Schenck, Hannah Raymond Ambler, Alice Merwin Eakland and more. Participating organizations include the Wilton Historical Society, Wilton Library, the Wilton League of Women Voters, the Wilton DTC, the Wilton Garden Club, the Wilton YMCA, Ambler Farm and Weir Farm, to name a few. Wilton’s First Selectwoman (Lynne Vanderslice) and CT’s Secretary of State (Denise Merrill) also are participating in this project. See ethe library's website on August 10 to access the sticker.