The Best Resource for At-Home Training
Is your athlete at loose ends during the extended "Stay-at-Home" period? We have the answer.
Game On! Fitness owner, Amy Smith, has spent her entire career in the fitness industry, and holds certifications in many, many types of fitness, including Sports Training for the Female Athlete. Iā€™m proud to have trained Mount Notre Dame volleyball players, as well as athletes from St. Xavier, Roger Bacon, and many select clubs around the city. More...
During this unprecedented time, Game On! Fitness is offering at-home workouts for your athlete, catered to their specific needs and sport. After a brief email consultation, you will select the number of workouts you'd like per week, and we will provide them to you for an extremely reasonable price! They will look similar to the image below, with easy to follow instructions and clickable links for each exercise demonstration, and will be emailed to you at the beginning of each week, to be completed on a schedule that fits you.
2 Workouts per Week for 3 weeks = $125
3 Workouts per Week for 3 weeks = $175
We do have Athlete Summer Sports Camps dates up on our website. Obviously, with the current situation, these are subject to change/cancellation. Full refunds will be given in this case, so please reserve your spot now!