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  At Home with Jeff & Katreena

First, and most importantly, how are you weathering this storm? If you're self-quarantining 
(and I hope you are) how are you holding up? I hope you're taking this time to regroup, 
recharge and stock up on toilet paper! All jokes aside, Jeff and I hope you're doing alright. Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay home. Remember to reach out to your friends, 
family and neighbors to make sure they're alright and don't forget to ask for help when 

With everything going on right now with COVID-19 you can all imagine that Jeff and I have been grounded for the foreseeable future! We're looking at this time of "homeboundness" as a blessing and we'll use this time to buckle down and get creative.

We've made an impressive "to did" list (as Jeff prefers to call our "to do" list) that includes looking at and doing things differently than we've ever done before. We're open to any suggestions from you too.

Here's what we're planning to accomplish by the end of April:

1.  Using ZOOM to create online classes -  We plan to have our Work Readiness Training class ready to go as early as mid April. The goal is to ensure that your program participants have access to quality and interactive classes via smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Jeff will be available to help with technical questions during this time too.

2.  Updating our websites and social media sites - We've been slowly working on our websites over the past few months, but now with the extra time, we plan on giving each of these sites a big face lift, which will include more interactivity, additional resources - we hope you'll join in the conversation.

3.  Sending more frequent newsletters - During this time of uncertainty we'll send a newsletter via email more often than in the past to keep you updated with what's going on here.

4.  We love your suggestions and feedback - Send us your ideas for what you think we need to be doing during this time that might help us to help you.

You're family to us. You've seen us through the good times and the not-so-good times. We've weathered a storm or two together. This won't be our last storm but together we'll get through this one, one day at a time.

On the wall and over the bed in our guest bedroom is one of my favorite quotes...I hope you find as much solace and joy in this quote as I do...

On a final note, Jeff asked me to make sure and tell everyone that he's getting lots of "manly" projects finished around the house, he even got a ladder out to get on the roof yesterday ... A Real Manly-Man! He's also been baking bread, making hummus and grinding hamburger...he's such a keeper!
Love from the Sofa, Jeff and Katreena
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