January 28, 2021

In this issue: The National Archives Foundation Spotlight on FDR, David Michaelis on Eleanor Roosevelt, Historian Geoffrey Ward on the Influences of Childhood and Polio on FDR's Presidency, the Ice Yacht Cup, and Celebrating FDR's Birthday.

Join FDR Presidential Library Director Paul Sparrow for an online discussion of the 20th century’s most influential power couple. We’ll explore the impact of Franklin and Eleanor together and apart, delving into Eleanor’s role in redefining what it means to be First Lady and championing causes she cared about.

Author David Michaelis discusses the life and times of Eleanor Roosevelt and his new book "Eleanor" with FDR Library director Paul Sparrow. Live Q&A in the comments on Facebook.

From June 2007:
Historian and author Geoffrey Ward examines Roosevelt’s childhood influences and his crippling bout of polio at age 39 and how they affected his presidency. Broadcast by CSPAN (Video, 56:49 minutes).

Historian and author Geoffrey Ward

Ice Yacht races were very popular along the Hudson River. In 1912, FDR’s ice yacht “Hawk” sailed by William Smith won the Hyde Park Ice Yacht Club Mark W. Reeves Cup with a time of 33 minute and 35 seconds.

Birthdays are always a good time to take stock. On this anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt’s birth (January 30), it is important to remember what made him so special. A look back on this blog by FDR Library Director Paul Sparrow.

Since we can't celebrate Franklin Roosevelt's birthday with you in person this year, we decided to take the party online! Join us this Saturday for #HappyBirthdayFDR as we celebrate our favorite president. Share your favorite FDR stories, bake yourself a cake, and join the fun!

In this very brief public domain video, FDR delivers a thank you address for his birthday. (Video, 35 seconds)

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"Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different." FDR, Oct 12, 1942, fireside chat.

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